View Full Version : turbine recurrent on no-motion FTD ?

31st May 2013, 01:15
This came up as a form of "hangar talk" the other day.

Please send me the regs (if any) which back me up

It was asked if turbine recurrent, such as B-350 annual recurrent, now conducted at FlightSafety, could be "fulfilled" by conducting "sessions" on a non-motion fixed Flight Training Device, aka Frasca type deal. I said no. Others said, yes it is possible

I rolled my eyes and walked off

comments ? reg cites ? etc ?

31st May 2013, 09:26
If your talking FAA I have no idea, for EU regs then I'm fairly certain that the legislation only mentions full flight simulator or aircraft for recurrent checks. Same as on the MPA skills test/revalidation/renewal form in part FCL.