View Full Version : Transition JAR-FCL to EASA

29th May 2013, 06:57
I'm planning to a do a course in a french ATO.

Their course is authorized under the DGAC and comply with the JAR-FCL. Looking at the transition period, the course will be valid until april 2014.

My issue is that to extend a TRI to another type of aircraft, previously you could do a shortened course with about 5 hours of flight training for a multi pilot TRI rating.

However now, looking at FCL,930.TRI, the flight instruction part of a TRI multi pilot is 10 hours.

The dilemma is that the french course is still approved by the DGAC and under the transition rules is still valid and the ATO certify me that the CAA should approve it.
However, knowing the UK CAA, for me, for any new rating (even an extension to a already held rating), it has to comply with EASA. And so requires the 10 hours flight instruction and not the 5 given by the french ATO.

any thought on that?

to clarify, I hold a UK CAA license