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25th May 2013, 21:29

I have a question regarding my ATP check ride. After I finished my multi engine land training I was hired by a 121 company, I only had 200 actual time on an airplane an only 164 hours PIC.
Due to the impending ATC ruling next August our company decided to send us to ATP flight school to get our ATP.
In view of this and knowing that I only had 165 hours PIC a friend let me borrow his bonanza to build up my time. I did about 110 hours flying with him in the airplane. Now I don't have a high performance endorsement, and he said I did not need one since he was the only acting as PIC and I was just manipulating the controls and I could long such time because I was rated in Single Engine airplane land. Having that rating and controlling the bonanza I could log it as PIC.
Now here is my dilema, I'm going to Class next Tuesday to stray training on the Seminole for my ATP ride. And I'm worried the examiner is going to ask me for the endorsement.
Currently I have 1,350 hours PIC time between a Saab 340b and beech 1900d.
I am clearly capable to fly airplanes with more than 200hp. The Saab it self is 1750 SHP.
What is your guys take? Are they going to accept these bonanza hours as PIC?

26th May 2013, 08:35
Oh dear.......

I hope you ave not logged any of that time.

26th May 2013, 12:30
Screwed up as it sounds, in FAA land, this is legal. The FAA Chief Counsel's office is full of letters trying to explain the difference between "logging PIC" time and "being PIC".

This one talks about your exact situation.


26th May 2013, 14:45
That letter is exactly why I was looking for. Thank you so much! I will provide this letter to the examiner in case he asks for the endorsement!
Just seems to me redundant to have that when I'm typed in two airplanes that have 700 times the horse power.
I really appreciate it! Once again thank you!

26th May 2013, 19:39

Wouldn't it be so nice to get this type of response from the UK CAA. Given that it is hard enough to get a response to anything, don't hold your breath!