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23rd May 2013, 14:34
I'm fairly low houred but a capable aviator and am considering investing in an FI rating to keep my flying going. I've got to admit its not something that I had ever seriously considered until recently, and such not an area I know much about. Despite this, its something Iím confident I will do well in and Iím enthusiastic about the chance to develop my skills. My greatest fear, however, is to invest yet more money and still find no work. What is the usual situation here, is it plausible to approach a school in advance or is it back to the crystal ball? Iím aware that many schools claim to take on their own students, but this is obviously a very casual agreement and something I am naturally wary of.

Before I get the usual PPRuNe attack, I will be visiting the local flying clubs to make enquires etc but I was just curious to hear of others with any knowledge that they may think useful to get a fuller picture.

Thanks in advance.

Level Attitude
23rd May 2013, 15:18
Before I get the usual PPRuNe attack

I'm afraid that from what you have written you bring it on yourself:
.......investing in an FI rating to keep my flying going.........not something that I had
ever seriously considered until recently.........Iím enthusiastic about the chance to develop my skills........

You may not have intended for it to read this way but, at the moment: pity any student
you may have and hence why would any school wish to employ you?

Apart from that: If you would be a bit more specific in your current experience/qualifications
then you would likely get more useful advice/suggestions.

23rd May 2013, 15:41
Point taken, perhaps I could have chosen my words better. I would naturally relish the chance to work with enthusiastic new aviators, and who doesn't enjoy sharing their knowledge and passion with others?

In terms of my current experience, I hold a CPL ME/IR with around 250 hours total time. Iíd be cautious to go into much more detail on a public forum as I enjoy the anonymity

23rd May 2013, 19:35
I certainly know of plenty of vacancies for experienced instructors, your problem will be finding work while restricted, for a lot of schools at the moment it's just not worth the hassle, even though they can pay you peanuts.

Are you looking for this to be a full time career, or are you only able to commit part time?

23rd May 2013, 21:31
Thank you for your response RTN11.

That is completely understandable regarding the reluctance to employ inexperienced instructors, though a paradox which seems rife; everyone wants experience, but no one is willing the give it. Itís absolutely something Iíd be committing to full time, though where exactly to go from here is still a bit of a mystery. Iím planning, perhaps somewhat naively, on knocking on some doors to explore the possibility of securing a role before I complete the rating. From the reactions Iíve got on here so far Iím guessing I wont be having much luck!

25th May 2013, 07:30
low houred but a capable aviator

As may be.... but can you teach? Flying is one thing, being able to explain what you're doing and, more importantly, why you're doing it whilst flying is an entirely different thing!

That's what the course will teach you.

Be very wary of job promises before you start. I'm not saying it won't materialise but how does the school know what it's requirements will be when you finish, or whether you'll actually make the grade? Lots of factors to consider and I was always very clear to any candidate that enquired that there was never any guarantee of employment after the course. A few went away to other schools who then didn't/couldn't deliver.