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21st May 2013, 17:52
The holder of Italian CAA CPL, wants to be issued the UK CAA CPL. He is informed that he has to send his Italian CPL, medical certificate and fees to the UK CAA in order to get the UK CAA CPL but the term "Based on Italian CAA CPL Number ...." will be written on his UK CAA CPL. What he has to do in order to be issued the UK CAA CPL without the term "Based on Italian CAA CPL" written on his UK CAA CPL?

21st May 2013, 19:46
Presumably you are referring to an Italian National CPL rather than an Italian JAA CPL! The UK has ceased issuing UK CAA CPLs though in certain cases it can do so for use on non-EASA aircraft. The UK has issued JAA CPLs for the last 12 years and in September 2012 changed to EASA CPLs.

If you have an Italian JAA licence then it automatically became an EASA licence in 2012, so it is simply a matter of changing your State of Licence issue. It may be that converting an Italian National licence to a JAA/EASA licence is best done in Itally, then you can change the State of issue. The whole point of an EASA licence is that it is European wide and the only reason to change State is if you live there.

CAP804 (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP804Jan2013.pdf) may assist you in any conversion process.

22nd May 2013, 18:32
My question is clear: I have the EASA CPL ME/IR issued by the Italian CAA. Can I be issued (and what is the procedure?) the UK CAA CPL ME/IR without the term "Based on Italian CAA CPL Number..." be written on the licence?
1) The CAP 804 doesnot give any answer
2) I emailed to the UK CAA and I had no answer

22nd May 2013, 18:49
I recommend people review http://www.pprune.org/search.php?searchid=1225885 before replying to the original poster.....:hmm:

23rd May 2013, 14:09
I have never seen the term: "Based on XXXX CPL Number..." written on any UK issued licence! That's something the FAA do on a Restricted licence.

Beags your link doesn't work!

23rd May 2013, 14:19
I have, in fact I did an LPC on a UK issued licence yesterday that has a statement that it was issued on the basis of a South African licence.

I was also in Italy Monday/Tuesday doing skill tests on Italian pilots and all of the licences had the statement that they were issued on the basis of the Italian National licence that that they were converted from under JAR.

The exact wording was:

Issued in exchange for Licence
I-CPL-A-019XXX Dated 07/11/2005

I assume this was from around the time the Italians adopted JAR?

23rd May 2013, 19:19
Most probably because it was a National licence not a JAA licence. There should be no such statement on an EASA licence!

23rd May 2013, 19:42
There are not many EASA licences around just yet. However both examples I quoted were on JAA licences.

24th May 2013, 07:09
JAR-FCL 1.015 stated:(d) When an Authority issues a licence
which deviates from JAR-FCL, an endorsement
shall be made on the licence, under item XIII. Therefore; when it is fully JAA, or now EASA compliant, there is no further need for the endorsement

24th May 2013, 09:28
I am not arguing that Whoppity. I merely pointed out that I had seen such an endorsement on UK licence and an Italian licence within the last week. It was just making that point that despite you never having seen one, they do exist.....

24th May 2013, 10:57
I don't doubt that, I was trying to reason out why its there and from that the process of having it removed.