View Full Version : PPL Exams from other EASA States

20th May 2013, 07:31
Do the UK CAA accept PPL exams taken in another european country for issue of a UK PPL?

20th May 2013, 08:44
Do you mean in another EASA Member State towards EASA PPL? If so, FCL.025 (a)(1) is probably what you want.


20th May 2013, 09:00
That was my first stop, but it only says all the entire set of examinations shall be taken under the responsibility of one state but whether once they have all been sat they are acceptable to another state for the issue of a PPL.

20th May 2013, 10:40
So if they have passed them all they should be acceptable but, you can't mix and match because no 2 States have common exams.