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17th May 2013, 20:51
So have got to do one of these soon.
So whats that all about.

Hoping its not an exercise in paying how to find out, how to fill in forms!

18th May 2013, 11:09
Basically, its a refresher of day one of the Examiner course and covers such things as filling in the new forms!

18th May 2013, 17:14
This seminar is the straw that broke that broke the camels back.After 28 years as an examiner I shall not be renewing next year. The CAA licensing department are a national disgrace I no longer wish to put my signature to their chaotic and incompetent administration of such a vital part of aviation.

20th May 2013, 16:18
Have to agree with you there Stampe. And I know a few more feeling the same way. There has always been the old joke about CAA = Campaign Against Aviation but it's not so funny now that it's true. Truly wretched organisation at the moment, I hope something changes soon.

22nd May 2013, 11:01
I gave up a while ago - it had all become far too expensive and there were too many occasions when either we had no students, no aeroplanes or poor weather - often 2 out of 3 or all 3 simultaneously.

As for the FE seminars:

Basically, its a refresher of day one of the Examiner course and covers such things as filling in the new forms!

Assume you're having to travel a fair distance - say Cornwall to Wellesbourne Mountford. It's unlikely that a Club would be happy for an aeroplane to be away for 2-3 days; with UK rail travel being so London-centric it'd take about 7 hours and 4 changes to travel by choo-choo and you wouldn't get any change out of 200....so you'd probably elect to drive, which would take you about 4 hours and cost you 50-ish each way.

As the course is a complete day, you'd need to travel the previous day, stay overnight in an hotel and then set off on the 4 hr trip back - would you be fit to work the next day? I doubt it. Hotel price (e.g. Premier Inn inc. breakfast) about 80, cost of the course about 160.

So that's 100 for petrol, 80 for accommodation, 160 for the course. About 340 plus 3 days unavailable for work, just to be told how to fill out forms.....

No wonder so many Examiners have decided to call it a day!

However, we are trying to persuade the CAA to think again about this - and to accept other means of compliance.

22nd May 2013, 13:11
I dont see whats wrong with an online brief the same as for overseas examiners.

22nd May 2013, 15:26
I dont see whats wrong with an online brief the same as for overseas examiners.

Or you could perhaps print all the relevant requirements and issue them to all Examiners.

Perhaps in a snappily titled handbook, such as the 'Flight Examiners Handbook'.....:rolleyes:

22nd May 2013, 16:17
The CAA's on line brief doesn't say anything about how to fill in forms or even which ones to use!

22nd May 2013, 18:54
More to the point, (but not about the above!) Who is Fred Cross? I think he is CFE , only c/o a recent e mail. It would be a courtesy to introduce himself, "open the office door", and then we might resolve some of the examiner/EASA issues. Re. the examiner seminar, I have 2.5 yrs to my revalidation, I can't wait.

22nd May 2013, 19:44
Who is Fred Cross? FEH (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/srg_lts_FlightExaminersHandbookA_H_Sept2012a.pdf) page v

23rd May 2013, 18:23
Sorry, my question was rhetorical. In the last two years I've sent e mails and a couple of letters re EASA/Examiner subjects, and received no replies from the then CFE. Prior to this Pat Lander was very helpful.
Often this is the reason for posting here, and for that I am always grateful for the "leads" given. As I say above, Fred Cross pops up, no introduction, and no chance to assist him with his in-tray, inside the office with a wide open door! How about a road show, linked with the GASCO safety evenings, or even an introductory e mail/letter? And a direct web link when examiners have problems. And they do, eg the examiner fined at Haywards Heath M/court re the PPL skill test (paperwork),prior to the helicopter crash in Yorkshire.
Pending tray:
Review of the FEH to reflect the correct form(s) to complete.
Explain which forms are to be used for what, and simplify the forms.
Explanation/engagement of this thread, ie examiner seminar.
Ensure that the CAA files, and records any information from an examiner correctly, ie it is not lost.

23rd May 2013, 20:37
I have been told that Standards Doc 55 is being written as we speak..

This will make things a lot clearer for FE's....

24th May 2013, 07:01
If we stuck to the EASA forms provided in the AMC, all would be quite simple and "Standard"