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17th May 2013, 12:08
What are the requirements to retain multi engine instructor privileges on your FI? I know that for revalidation there is no requirement for any of the 50hrs instruction required to be multi engine.

If a flight test is required to renew or revalidate must it be done on a multi engine aircraft? Here in Ireland the IAA used to take the line that every second flight test must be done on a multi engine aircraft although I could never see this written anywhere in Jar fcl.

Reading Jar and now part fcl.935(c) it says " The assessment shall be performed on the same class or type of aircraft or FSTD used for the flight instruction." This means the Flight test has to be done on a multi engine aircraft. It would also mean however that another flight test would have to be done on a single engine aircraft to keep SEP instructor privileges as it does not specify that a test on a multi engine aircraft will also grant single engine instructor privileges.

17th May 2013, 15:09

Conduct at least 10 hours of flight instruction in the role of CRI. If the applicant has privileges on both SE and ME the 10 hours shall be equally divided between SE and ME aeroplanes.

Each alternate revalidation shall be by AoC.

The FI requirement is for 50 hours so as long as you have done the 5 hours instructing in an MEP then you can revalidate. I believe that when you do an AoC in an SEP this can revalidate your ME/CRI privileges as long as the FIE includes questioning related to ME instructional techniques etc.

I'm unsure whether each alternate AoC shall be in an MEP?

17th May 2013, 15:52
As an FI you only need to retain a MEP Class rating and a have valid FI rating; no requirement to do any ME instruction or alternate tests. Expect to get ME questions as part of the FI reval AoC. You can revalidate the FI on either a SE or ME, your choice. The Part FCL reference is FCL.940.FI FI Revalidation and renewal.

17th May 2013, 21:52
But part FCL.940.FI states " (2) pass an assessment of competence in accordance with FCL.935."

FCL.935 (c) "The assessment shall be performed on the same class or type of aircraft or FSTD used for the flight instruction."

Single and Multi Engine Aircraft are not the same Class

17th May 2013, 23:50
The wonders of European wording! FCL 935(a) states:
an applicant for an instructor certificate shall pass an assessment of competence in the appropriate aircraft category Category means Aeroplane Helicopter etc. Apart from initial issue, there is no requirement to take more than one such test to revalidate FI privileges where the FI privilege includes multiple types and classes.

18th May 2013, 08:29
FCL.935 (c) "The assessment shall be performed on the same class or type of aircraft or FSTD used for the flight instruction."You have taken this out of context. FCL.935 addresses the Assessment of Competence for "an applicant for an instructor certificate". It has no relevance to the revalidation of such a certificate, although FCL.940.FI(c)(2) might appear to make it relevant to renewal. However, since no flight training is required prior to renewal of an FI certificate and the requirement is specifically related to the class or type used for the flight instruction, it is arguable that it applies neither to revalidation nor renewal but only to initial issue.

18th May 2013, 10:35
What does the CAA look for? Do they renew or revalidate Multi Engine Instructor Privileges with the Flight Test having been done on a Single Engine Aircraft?

18th May 2013, 11:07
The CAA can only require what EASA specify, however vague that may be. I re-validated mine on that basis of my previous post and know numerous others who have done so.