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4th May 2013, 08:33
UK CAA Form SRG 2111 for SEP, IRI course

Applying for approval for a PA-28 - ticking the correct boxes causing a problem:

For any course - yes
MEP Class rating - no
Modular CPL - not CPL but suitably equipped to simulate IMC flight - yes?
Modular IR - assume yes although not modular?
Integrated ATPL - no
Flight Instructor (spinning) - no

Any advice appreciated

4th May 2013, 11:45
Just tick "For any Course" that covers it.

4th May 2013, 11:53
Applying for approval for a PA-28Why? There is no longer a requirement to have aircraft approved for training.

4th May 2013, 12:04
Thanks, Whopity.

BB - any chance of expanding? Neither my course instructor nor the UK CAA seem aware of that.

4th May 2013, 14:09
The requirement for the approval of training aircraft was in Appendix 1a to JAR-FCL 1.055. When the requirements were carried across to AMC1 ORA.ATO.135, the need for approval by the competent authority was deleted. It is now the responsibility of the Head of Training to ensure that the aircraft used by the ATO meet the requirements of Part-ORA.

It is absolutely no surprise to hear, yet again, that the UK CAA in general, and L&TS in particular, doesn't understand the regulations! As always, the most useful phrase in these circumstances is, "Show me where it says that"

4th May 2013, 15:51
The ATO application form AMC1 ORA.ATO.105 does require details including registration of aircraft used. The approval of aircraft ceased some time ago when that was delegated to the HT however; I assumed you were simply notifying them of an additional aircraft.

4th May 2013, 22:17
Whilst it is true that there is a requirement to submit details of aircraft in the application for approval, there is no requirement to update those details when aircraft are added or removed from the fleet. Also, as far as I am aware, there is no such requirement published in, for example, AICs or INs. Therefore, my advice stands - ask the Authority, "Show me where it says that".

There are many vested interests and subjective opinions prevalent in the UK CAA. It's time they learned that the (EU) world has changed and that they no longer make the rules.

5th May 2013, 11:03
Many thanks to you both.