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2nd May 2013, 14:31
Hi all,

I transferred my FAA C750 type to my JAR CPL fATPL certificate and
I'm now in the process of trying to set up an ATPL check ride at SimuFlite in Dallas to unfreeze my ATPL. However, the CAA in Sweden keep saying the examiner I am to use is not authorized to perform an ATPL ride. As of September of last year the UK CAA has granted certain examiners at SimuFLite the right to perform an ATPL ride without having a JAR/EASA certificate themselves.

The person responsible for the whole JAA/EASA program at SimuFlite insists the examiner has the authorization, and the examiner himself told me the other day he has already done an ATPL ride.

The problem is they don't have a LOA where it clearly states he can do ATPL rides, only a copy of the examiners Licensing Certificate with reference to the FCL supposedly stating his authorization (See below) I have submitted this certificate but the Swedish CAA still denies his authorization. On top of this certificate I have also submitted his LOA which does clearly state his ability to perform JAA instructions in general, including OPC and LST rides.

I've been trying to google the FCL reference on his certificate stating this, but as I've mainly flown on my FAA I'm not very familiar with JAR FCL.

This is what the Licensing Certificate states under 'Privileges and Conditions"":

SFE(A) C750(FFS): FCL 1000(c)(2) applies, FCL 1005.SFE applies as in (a)(1)to(a)(3) and OPC.

SFI(A) C750(FFS): FCL900(c)(2) applies, FCL 905.SFI applies as in (a)(c) and (c)(2)

It would be great if someone here could decipher whether or not this shows his authorization to do the ATPL ride. If not I will have to push for further for additional paperwork.

2nd May 2013, 14:48
Its an old boy network in sweden. They won`t let you do it what ever the easa rules say.

I know 2 swedish pilots that transferred there licenses to the uk for that very reason. Flew lhs for a thousand hours then got a job back home lhs. In the end they just stayed with the uk caa because they were refused ATPL`s because they hadn`t gone through a swedish approved command course. And by going UK that was deemed cheating the system.

The other advantage of uk is that you don`t have to pay a fortune every year to get your rating renewed the examinor just signs it on the spot. So i would see if you could transfer and upgrade at the same time then convert back if you so wish later.

The danish caa also seems quite open thinking about these things to.

2nd May 2013, 15:04
Hmm, I must admit I'm a bit surprised to read this. Not doubting you MD, but over the years I have found the Swedish CAA to be quite swift and easy to work with. Maybe I've just been lucky.

Switching to a UK license sounds like it would be a lot of work for something I don't necessarily need at the moment as I'm (thankfully) flying on my FAA license. What would be the process of doing this switch?

2nd May 2013, 15:15
What Jock says. But, in direct answer to your question:
The certificate referred to in paragraph (1) shall be limited to providing skill tests and proficiency tests/checks:

(i) outside the territory of the Member States; and

(ii) to pilots who have sufficient knowledge of the language in which the test/check is given.


(a) SFE(A) and SFE(PL). The privileges of an SFE on aeroplanes or powered-lift aircraft are to conduct in an FFS:

(1) skill tests and proficiency checks for the issue, revalidation or renewal of type ratings for multi-pilot aeroplanes or powered-lift aircraft, as applicable;

(2) proficiency checks for revalidation or renewal of IRs, provided that the SFE complies with the requirements in FCL.1010.IRE for the applicable aircraft category;

(3) skill tests for ATPL(A) issue;

So yes, the examiner does hold a certificate permitting him to conduct the ATPL skill test. However, since Sweden has not yet fully implemented the EASA implementing rules, they do yet not have to recognise a certificate issued by another member state.

2nd May 2013, 15:18
Thanks BB, great info. Hopefully that will help me when I once again call them tomorrow.

I thought all members were to have implemented EASA by April 8th, last month?

2nd May 2013, 16:15
They are until you go against what they think is the way to do things.

Before getting authorised for a ATPL skills test. You have to

Meet experence requitments
Command assesment interview.
Tech exam on aircraft type.
Picus training online
Crm command discussion
Then test.

Its about 3 months build up. And you can only do it when your about to go into the lhs. Any hint they are going to stay in the rhs and it all gets blocked.

UK you just tell the TRE on your next LPC after ticking all the experience boxes that this one is your ATPL test. And he fills out another couple of boxes. And thats you done.

2nd May 2013, 16:26
I guess my MCC course (waste of money), FAA ATP and my 5000h PIC consisting of 2000+ turbine multicrew PIC and 650h PIC on the up until recently fastest civilian jet is not enough proof that I can command an aircraft. :ugh: :yuk:

I think I will just stick with FAA.

2nd May 2013, 16:40
Do they know your already lhs on it?

You could just try and convert you ATP when your up to 1000 on the beast. That will confuse the hell out of them because you already hold the ir for it.

And transferring to the uk isn`t that hard or expensive proberly less than you pay per year to get your rating renewed

2nd May 2013, 16:45
I already have the type on my JAR license as I transferred it once I had more than 500 hrs on type. It's restricted as co pilot only and N reg only at the moment. I just need to do a JAR/EASA LPC/LST to have those limitations removed.

Are you saying I can simply transfer my FAA ATP to EASA ATP once I have 1000 hrs on type? If so, I'm will have that in a couple of weeks.

2nd May 2013, 16:49
You need to go and read cap 804 on the uk caa website. It has all this EASA bollocks in it and UK went live in sept last year

8th May 2013, 13:10
Good news. I now have the final approval in my hand. Thanks for the help. :ok: