View Full Version : Higher Licence = Newly Revalidated?

2nd May 2013, 12:23
When I apply for a CPL from a PPL, is my SEP(Land) Class Rating automatically brought forward and revalidated to the test date or licence issue date or does it remain as it was under my PPL?

2nd May 2013, 13:38
I would guess that unless they have conducted a revalidation LPC for the SEP rating then you will have the il expiry date. What aircraft did you take the CPL LST in?

2nd May 2013, 14:05
Complex SEP. Only asking as it will affect when I add a further class rating as I want to keep all ratings aligned to minimise bureacracy

2nd May 2013, 17:15
The SEP remains unaffected.

In fact, they won't even print it on your CPL licence page, you will have to take your PPL ratings page and stick it in your CPL.

The SEP is revalidated in the second year, so if it's in that period you could get the examiner to sign your ratings page once you have passed. It will keep the same reval date, but be valid for a further two years.

The bureaucracy of renewing an SEP is minimal, provided you have the experience you just have to get an examiner to sign your ratings page and send a one side of A4 form to the CAA with no fee. No need to send licence or logbook, just the form.

If you don't have the experience, you do an LPC with an examiner, and he signs your licence when he's happy.

Also, complex SEP is no different to simple SEP, you could get complex differences training signed off as a PPL, there is no difference in the rating.

2nd May 2013, 18:04
When you get a new licence it will be Part FCL and it will have all the rating validity for each one carried over and printed on the new licence. Your existing dates will be preserved unless you asked for the class rating to be renewed at the same time.

You can't move a ratings page with a Part FCL licence......