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2nd May 2013, 08:30

This is about the requirements of switching cockpits as captain of production helicopters/small airplanes for customer based operations.

Notwithstanding the requirements of regulatory authorities on the subject, I feel that in addition to basic requirements of safe aircraft handling, dealing with aircraft emergency situations, adapting to the 'new' cockpit for achieving adequate situational awareness needs to be considered.

A safe bet may be avoiding flying more than one cockpit in a 24 hour cycle, assuming that the pilot is cleared as first pilot on all types under discussion.

Understandably other factors like pilot competency, time of operation, mission profile, multi-crew cockpit etc would influence the subject, but reasonable assumptions may be made for posting comments that may be supported by opinions of respective regulatory authorities.


P.S Since I didn't get adequate opinions on the subject on a different forums, I'm trying my luck here.

8th May 2013, 18:59
I give you a similar answer as Bose did in the other thread: restrictions like the one you propose make no sense.

Rest times for crew are necessary to avoid fatigue, not to "clear their brains".

Whether the crew is flying the same type or a different type on subsequent flights makes no real difference. If they cannot remember the emergency procedures now, they won't 24 hours later, either.

9th May 2013, 07:26
Perhaps the two identical threads can be merged?