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22nd Apr 2013, 09:39
EASA has deprived us of a privilege tolerated or accepted up to now, to get Skill Tests and assessments of competence carried out by foreign JAR FI(E)'s.

Fcl.1015(c)(2) requires foreign JAR FI(E)'s to be approved (Valid 3 years) by national Caa's and requires to get acquainted with:

"......national administrative procedures, requirements for protection of personal data, liability, accident insurance and fees".

"National administrative procedures" ???? This issue seems more of relevance to the testee than the FI(E).

"..protection of personal data" : Some countries are paranoid about that and will require a disclaimer from the applicant, fair enough

"..liability...accident insurance..." Here we get to the point the whole of EASA Fcl's seem to have been drafted by lawyers and not pilots, easy to determine just by reading the 1000 + pages of the EEC decree ( The FAA one is 90 pages...).

It looks like this bureaucratic paranoia is geared towards how to cope with potential liability court actions rather than genuine means to promote safety and compatibilty within Europe.

Back to our issue EASA seems again to have defeated its purpose to make our life easier;

This issue will be treated differently according to where we will be:

Briefing of non-danish examiners (http://www.trafikstyrelsen.dk/EN/Civil-aviation/Non-danish-examiners.aspx)


French DGAC:

Italian ENAC:
Enac - Examiners (http://www.enac.gov.it/Servizio/Info_in_English/Examiners/index.html)

In Denmark, looks pretty easy, a request to be made for approval by submitting applicant credentials, no fees are stated .

In the UK the applicant must submit his credentials and acknowledge that he has read and understood a briefing, no charge involved (For the moment).

In France the applicant must submit his credentials, take a briefing and be checked out by taking a "Quiz"
Fee: 80 Euro.

In Italy the applicant must submit his credentials: Scanned copy of licence,
medical certificate, examiner's certificate, tax code.
Fill an exhaustive form with a breakdown of all ratings, flight hours, then acknowledge to have read and understood the briefing.
This carries a fee of 265,20 Euros (!!!)

That is what is being imposed upon us, and we seem to have no recourse...

EASA is supposed to take over, what is the point of having national authorities still regulating, perpetuating the negative effects of complications due to e.g. national pride in France and paralysing heavy bureaucracies in southern european countries...EASA was created to do away with this. Or was it ????

Level Attitude
22nd Apr 2013, 16:37
"National administrative procedures" ???? This issue seems more of relevance to the testee than the FI(E).

UK requires the Examiner to send in Test Reports within 14 days.

Test candidates have a lot to worry about without having to learn
the administrative process as well. An Examiner should be able to tell
a testee what they are required to do - as well as knowing which
forms they themselves are required to complete, etc

Until everything becomes exactly the same in every country (probably
never) then an Examiner Briefing on local procedures should be required.

22nd Apr 2013, 17:45
Right, but then what did JAR achieve in 10 years, and what about EASA common standards ???

JAR then EASA bureaucrats were able to produce a mastodont decree of 1000 pages to regulate FCL, and they are unable to produce a common set of forms and harmonise procedures ? the bottom line is that it's all going terribly wrong from the standpoint of the end user pilot who will have to bear the consequences.

23rd Apr 2013, 08:32
This (EASA development) is just a joke (if it wasn't so sad). :(

25th Apr 2013, 10:38
It is a total effing shambles!!! :ugh:

27th Apr 2013, 11:34
I just had to apply to Italy, Spain and Portugal this week to do tests on our staff pilots for Type Rating LPC. Total shambles.

The Italians had the cheek to charge me 265,20 euros to issue an approval!

28th Apr 2013, 08:01
Hello there

Completed the UK online briefing incl. the test today - now waiting for a certificate of completion.

Any non-uk examiners here who has been succesfull in paper-heaven getting everything though?

Spoke to an older examiner a while ago, who said he had been waiting months for UK approval... scared me a little but maybe he just scewed up the IT part.. :)

28th Apr 2013, 09:56
The Certificate takes about a month to arrive and looks like an invite to a kids party! The certificate only states the month you did the brief, so long as you have completed it, you have fulfilled the requirement. The test forms only require you to enter the date you completed the brief, the certificate has no relevance to that process.

10th Jun 2013, 09:54
The Icelandic CAA requires a foreign examiner to read a short briefing and fill out a simple form ans send to them in email. There is no fee.

Non-ICAA Examiners (http://caa.is/English/INDIVIDUALS/NonICAAExaminers/)