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19th Apr 2013, 06:18
I have a valid IR SPA (IR-SP-ME/SE rating) on my licence. It is expiring in august 2013.

I also have a valid MPA IR valid till Feb 14.

I'm not suppose to revalidate my SEP untill august 2014, so don't need to do a proficiency test where an examiner could fill in the section 3b (IFR)

Looking at appendix 8 for cross crediting IR, I can use the MPA IR to revalidate my SPA IR.

However how is it done? I suppose I need to find a CRE IR.

Do I only need to present him my MPA IR and he will revalidate on my license the SPA IR by experience without doing any proficiency test. he will just fill in the IFR test paper to be sent to gatwick. If so, what will be the validity date for the SPA IR. Until the end of my valid MPA IR or one year after the validity of my SPA IR.

Or do I need to do a flight with him?

Thanks for helping me. Not the first time I asked but it isn't clear for me.

19th Apr 2013, 11:04
You need the following experience to claim the credit:Provided that within the preceding 12 months the applicant has flown at least three IFR departures and approaches on an SP class or type of aeroplane in single pilot operations, or, for multi-engine non-high performance non-complex aeroplanes, the applicant has passed section 6 of the skill test for single-pilot non-high performance non-complex aeroplanes flown solely by reference to instruments in single-pilot operation.

Appendix 8 implies that the credit is given at the time of the MP IR revalidation, so the two IRs would need to be synchronised!

19th Apr 2013, 12:05
The cross credit is a pain in the backside.

The credit can be given as above when you have 3IFR departures an arrivals on the class/type. The extension can only be given for the remainder of the validity period of the MPA IR from which credit is given. Generally it's not worth a great deal as you are still required to revalidate the MEP class rating in the aircraft and fly an assymetric approach and go around and assymetric approach to land in the LPC with sole reference to instruments which is almost as long as an IR LPC anyway.

You will need evidence of the MPA prof check including signature of the log book entry, the 3 IFR departures and arrivals and your licence. He will then fly the MEP class rating LPC with you (needs to be a CRE/IRR) and sign all te pages. In order to cross credit all IR's must be current, otherwise you must do a renewal LPC in the aircraft.


20th Apr 2013, 08:04
Thanks Nick,

I don't have a valid MEP rating but am flying IFR with my SEP rating.

SEP rating are valid for 24 months while the IR is only 12 months. So I will only fly with a CRE or FE in more than a year while my SPA IR is only valid till august.

if I had the MEP to revalidate each year, it won't be an issue but with only the SEP.....

So am wondering what is the procedure in that case under EASA. Prior in JAR FCL in belgium (not the UK), having the MPA IR valid was sufficient nothing to do more, but it seems it is not the case under EASA as the MPA and SPA IR are different rating.

So looking at the answer, I would need to find a CRE/IRR who would sign my licence to revalidate the SP IR until the end of my MPA IR

20th Apr 2013, 08:40
Sounds about right although some authorities (IAA) will only accept cross credit if you have flown the LPC for the rating. Ie if you have revalidated by experience then the cross credit for 3b is not valid. In my case I would either have to apply for cross credit and fly the SEP LPC every year or just do an IR LPC.

Daft I know!