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15th Apr 2013, 16:25
Good evening all,

I would like to ask just one question of sim examiners and hope somebody could assist. Mods - if this question is in the wrong place, I do apologise.

Question: If somebody's yearly jet validation was about to lapse, is it possible to do an LST in the sim without having to do the full 4 to 5 day ground-school / sim sessions?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

S.C. :O

15th Apr 2013, 16:45
I would expect so although on our LST forms tere is a box for theoretical knowledge grade because we conduct 6monthly quizzes.

As far as I am aware if you meet the theoretical knowledge and hours requirements for licence upgrade you can do an LST, the TRE may give you a verbal quiz on theoretical knowledge.

Curtis E Carr
15th Apr 2013, 20:50
is it possible to do an LST in the sim
Do you really mean "LST" (licence skill test) or "PC" (proficiency check)?

15th Apr 2013, 20:59
Thanks Nick,

Curtis, I mean an LST, not an OPC. I know it can be done in an aircraft with a certified TRE, but I wondered if it can be done that way in the sim, or would the CAA require a full recurrent course be done if your type validation was still valid. (Apologies, I always confuse recurrent and renewal and hope I used the right one here!)

15th Apr 2013, 21:24
If your type is still valid, and depending on the approval level of the sim then you can tak a revalidaton licence proficiency check (LPC) within the last three months to keep current. This is different to an LST which is only for initial issue or ATPL upgrade.If you require an LST for upgrade to ATPL then that can also be done at the same time as the proficiency check for revalidation of the type rating.

OPC is an ops requirement and has no relation to the licence or rating.

15th Apr 2013, 21:37
Thanks again Nick.

Terminology when it comes to licensing was and still is something I always confuse. It is the LPC and not LST that I meant to say. Thanks for clearing that all up for me, it helps a lot.

S.C. :ok: