View Full Version : Ryanair - A licence to print money for life?

26th Apr 2002, 09:09
Given the paltry feedback and complete lack of interest that my application to Ryanair last October generated, I have admit to being more than a bit embarrassed in admitting that I did part with my hard won 50 quid for being 'considered'.

I was under notice of redundancy post Sep 11 (situation now resolved thank goodness) and so maybe my pathetic clutches at passing straws was understandable.

I now note that since earlier this month only those 737 rated need apply. Seems it may have dramatically reduced there ability to subsidise the airline at the expense of all of us though .....

Last week a transaction has magically appeared against my Credit card for a further 50 to Ryanair, six months after the original application, which I can assure all has not been initiated by yours truly. I do hope I haven't been 'considered' again, this is getting expensive :eek:

When queried about the transaction, my Credit card company helpfully informed me that Ryanair is an 'airline'..... hmmm, I'm not so sure. Oh and for a company that make everything so easy via the web, it transpires that getting your money back from Ryanair isn't one of them. Only a letter will surfice. Strange that eh?

Ladies and Gentlemen, check your statements! Anyone else being multiply charged by these leeches?

26th Apr 2002, 09:23
As this is an unauthorised transaction, just ask the credit card company to return the 50.

26th Apr 2002, 10:22
Could even be credit card fraud! Love to see MOL doing time in the slammer playing kiss-chase with a hairy gipsy from Manchester, might do him some good.

26th Apr 2002, 12:24
I had an issue with another company I had made a credit card payment with and was not happy with the quality of the goods. The expression you are looking for is 'jointly and severally liable'. If you pay by credit card and the goods don't come up to scratch the credit card company is as liable as the goods supplier and you can sue them. Try using those magic words and see how quickly you get your money back. good luck and I am glad your job situation has worked it's self out.

26th Apr 2002, 14:59
When you speak to your Credit Card company, advise them that you wish to "repudiate" the payment.

Please note that this won't work if you have a Charge Card.

26th Apr 2002, 23:00
Just thought it worthy of note for those seeking any angle that might improve their chances of getting a job, while investing 50 to gain entry into the FR database might seem a good idea on the face of it, they are at this moment in time seeking 737 pilots through contract agencies.

To those in search of their goal I wish you luck.

I. M. Esperto
27th Apr 2002, 16:28
I had to get my Congressman in the act to get a refund from the AETNA HMO.

They deducted 4 payments from my Mastercard after I had terminated their services, and switched to another.

It worked, BTW.:mad:

27th Apr 2002, 17:23
Recently I drove on the local Express Toll Route where I had previously set up direct billing to my VISA. I cancelled that VISA about 6 months ago (only drive that road once a year). Lo and behold I get a statement that has miraculously REACTIVATED without my consent my cancelled card. WTF?

Resolved without dispute, but can you believe it? They managed to raise my card from the dead to double charge me! Bandits:mad:

17th May 2002, 12:06
Same thing happened to me.
50 pounds were charged again from my creditcard after 6 months.
Is there a system behind this?
I can block the transaction, but then I lose my chances of having a job with Ryanair.

Faire d'income
17th May 2002, 13:25
They never manage to accidentally pay out though! :rolleyes:

17th May 2002, 17:30
was a problem with the Java script on my PC (no idea what that means, I'm not a techie).

If what you say is true..

It means Ryanair don't have the proper checks and balances in place to prevent their javascript (as it came from them to get to your PC) causing you to be double charged. Their fault, it's easy to blame a computer because non-techies accept this, but the blame rests with their programmers and their internal systems.

I understand that when you dispute a charge, this gets logged against your account, and this information can be accessed by the merchant, and if you do it too many times some merchants will not accept your card. So I've heard...

Gin Slinger
18th May 2002, 16:45
cue an angry Irishman to defend his new national carrier...