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5th Apr 2013, 11:52

Sorry, but I have another question relating to the licencing transtion.

I have spent some time looking on here, and also with my head in CAP804 (Jan 2013), and I think I know the answer, but looking for some ratification! :-)

I have an old (brown) CAA PPL(A) licence with no expiry date, which then had a now expired SEP rating.

As I understand CAP804, Section 4, Part P, 3.2 Annex II, "K" on the table....

what I need to do is satifiy an examiner on my radio-nav ability, and then I can be issued with a Part-FCL licence.

Is this how you would inturpert it?

5th Apr 2013, 12:55
I think you also need level 6 English ;)

5th Apr 2013, 12:58
Essentially you are correct. In order to renew your SEP you must now go to an ATO or Registered Facility for an assessment before you can take the Class rating proficiency check. As part of that process the CFI will be able to certify you radio navigation ability. And the Examiner will be able to certify Level 6 English

5th Apr 2013, 18:26
Thank you all, for both the point of view, and the gramatical feedback! :-)

I'm pleased as to the response, as I just had a flying school tell me that I would need to re-sit all my written exams, very fraustrating!

Thanks for quick responses, happy weekends one and all.


5th Apr 2013, 22:24
as I just had a flying school tell me that I would need to re-sit all my written examsIts amazing that 13 years after this requirement ceased, there are still schools that have not found out!

6th Apr 2013, 07:06
More like they will charge 30-50 quid per paper