View Full Version : US tower closures affecting Naples/Ormond Beach

25th Mar 2013, 14:38
Wondering whether anyone in the know, knows how Naples Air Centre and Ormond Beach Aviation (aka fly EASA) plan to handle the closure of ATC at their airfields following the sequester in the USA?

I would assume that both are EASA regulated schools and the following would apply :

When providing flight training on aircraft, the ATO shall use aerodromes sites that have the appropriate facilities and characteristics to allow training of the manoeuvres relevant, taking into account the training provided and the category and type of aircraft used.

a) 4) an air traffic service, except for uncontrolled aerodromes or
operating sites where the training requirements may be satisfied safely by another acceptable means of air to-ground communication.

So it seems to me that their fine under the new regs as long as they have an air-ground - as opposed to what I seem to remember for the UK - where we required control towers for CPL?

It does say acceptable though which means the authority has to approve the means of communication?

Out of interest : Air Traffic Activity System (ATADS) (http://aspm.faa.gov/main/atads.asp) states the Naples did 86,273 movements last year and Ormond 115,399.

Just wondering what peoples thoughts were as I am sure there are differing interpretations...

27th Mar 2013, 22:12
From Naples just pop up the road to RSW and do some stuff into there.

I suspect the city might find the money to fund ATC anyway.

28th Mar 2013, 00:25
The 149 contracted towers on the closure list are due to start to close in early April.

The FAA controlled towers have to give 12 months notice for closure.
The number of FAA controlled towers likely to close is still being determined.

Some cities may take on the cost burden of maintaining those tower facilities,