View Full Version : FTO Start up

19th Mar 2013, 14:37
HI, i would like to create a new FTO and i wonder what books i need to start up my duties ? if someone have some example of theirs books.. thks

20th Mar 2013, 15:44
Look Here (http://www.pprune.org/flying-instructors-examiners/509811-easa-manuals-flying-clubs.html)

21st Mar 2013, 14:36
start an FTO...are you insane!!?

Mickey Kaye
21st Mar 2013, 20:14
Obviously because the CAA themselves are quoting SIX months for them to approval your application.

How an earth any one can come up with a viable business plan for a flying school with the recently introduced regulation is simply beyond me.

21st Mar 2013, 20:38
are you insane!!? Could be sur/Seine or sous\Seine!