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Mavis Enderby
19th Mar 2013, 11:49
I am thinking through a future scenario and would liketo pick your brains.

Imagine a flying group with a SEP based at a small strip. Upto now if they needed any instruction, difference training, two year flight,someone out of 90 days, ect, they could use a passing freelance instructor.Some groups may have a member with a CRI, and some large groups in the pasthave become registered facilities.

Under EASA all instructors now have to be within an ATO, which rules out the freelance instructor. Supposing becoming or migrating to ATO status is too onerous. Maybe the strip operator has an exclusive deal with another ATO and won’t allow more ATOs on site.

LAA coaches may be an option, but what if it is an EASA aircraft.

What options are there for the group members to recieve instruction in their own aircraft?

19th Mar 2013, 13:29
Not many in that scenario. You can freelance as long is not for the issue or renewal of a rating, i.e. the two year Instructional flight can still be done or checking someone new out in the group.

19th Mar 2013, 18:11
So can differences training

19th Mar 2013, 23:11
Under EASA all instructors now have to be within an ATO

bose-x and Billiebob are both correct. Instructors may conduct training outside of an ATO which is not towards the issue or renewal of a licence or rating. So, there is no requirement for an instructor to be within an ATO to conduct type conversion or differences training.

AIC W001/2011 -this AIC predates EASA but has some relevant guidance to do with remunerated training in group aircraft.

LAA coaches may be an option, but what if it is an EASA aircraft

All LAA Coaches hold a current FI or CRI rating, so may conduct training in EASA and non-EASA aircraft.


22nd Mar 2013, 09:09

Go Annex Two!

(specifically, microlights!)

Mavis Enderby
23rd Mar 2013, 13:56
Thanks for your advice. I had read IN 2012/112 about independent flyinginstructors needing to become RF or ATOs, and not grasped the issue or renewal caveat.

I think there is still a greater restriction than beforethat if someone lets their class rating lapse and then wanted some tuition beforetaking the skills test they would have to go to a ATO. But in most cases it iscarry on as before.
Thanks for the PMs offering instruction. But this was a hypothetical question.

10th Aug 2013, 12:10
What about the UK IMC Rating (call it what you will!)?

I had read (and been verbally informed by an examiner) that this was still permitted as it was sub-EASA but I am now having my doubts.


10th Aug 2013, 16:54
The IMC rating may continue untill I believe April 2014. Anyone currently holding the rating may continue to revalidate as before however after the cutoff date no new ratings may be issued (unless the work groups come up with something). I'm pretty sure that any training towards/renewal must again be done through an ATO.

10th Aug 2013, 18:23
Sorry, I meant that there was nothing prescriptive (at this point in time) to limit training for the IMC to ATO's only, although this will probably change post-April 2014.

If anyone knows different, could you please quote chapter and verse as I cannot find anything. Thanks.