View Full Version : Non-IRIs Instructing IMC/IR(R) with a Part-FCL Licence?

Level Attitude
13th Mar 2013, 00:39
Copied from another Thread, but I am genuinely interested in an answer.

Has any FI who had IMC (but not IR) Instruction Privileges on their JAA
Licence lost those privileges on conversion to a Part-FCL Licence?

If maintained - How are they stated?

13th Mar 2013, 07:04
The licence comes back with an entry on the FI with referring to the IR(Restricted) as well as containing an IR restricted.

13th Mar 2013, 07:15
If you note on section 4 part P page 31 it does give the option:
Rating Previously issed under the ANO:
FI(A) IMC Rating

Part FCL Rating/Certificate:
FI(A) with the privilege to instruct for IR/R - UK Only.

Conversion Requirements:
Hold a Valid FI with a valid IMC rating PRIOR to 8 April 2014 or a UK CPL/ATPL issued prior to 1 July 2000