View Full Version : Why is this forum section moving?

6th Mar 2013, 07:32
Just saw the notice that says this forum section is moving. Why? It seems to me that it is in the correct place as the discussion is non airline.

It also makes it easy to move between the other non airline forums section as the appear as a single block.

6th Mar 2013, 09:29
Whilst I agree it's in a convenient place, I have always found it somewhat odd that on a PROFESSIONAL PILOTS network, the instruction forum falls below Cabin Crew!

(Yes, I know that not all instruction is "paid" but, surely, it should all be to a Professional standard?)

8th Mar 2013, 21:09
It made more sense to me before, it was grouped nicely next to Private Flying, and since Flight Instruction and Private Flying go hand in hand you could open both as seperate tabs to read without too much moving about the forum.

Now they're grouped with four other topics which are completely unrelated. I can't imagine anyone who would read all 5 of these forums.

Lord Spandex Masher
8th Mar 2013, 21:14
Pprune isn't exactly a pyramid of importance is it. Why does it matter?

9th Mar 2013, 08:48
I can see this forum section is slowly going to to die as its not in a convenient place and most of the questions asked of Instructors come from the private flying section. Many people will now just ask in the private flying forum or not bother.

Most people connect via mobile these days and its not easy to switch around between the sub sections like this. Minor things but it does impact the user experience and without the experience you don't get the footfall to the forum that drives the advertising revenue.

10th Mar 2013, 22:18
Isn't flight instruction the lowest form of aviation..suprised if it doesn't fall to the bottom!

Mickey Kaye
11th Mar 2013, 19:23
I think it would be better in non airline forums with the private pilot section