View Full Version : Sobelair Bidder Walks Away

LGW Vulture
23rd Apr 2002, 11:35
Looks like the Administrator has got his work cut out again.
The bidder can't do a deal with the Pilots Union.......Tut! Tut!

Voting themselves out of jobs...Lucky they don't need the money!


......Sitting back and waiting for the onslaught..........

23rd Apr 2002, 16:16
Didn't this involve a 25% salary-cut? then what money is left?

Belgian Beauty
24th Apr 2002, 07:44
This involved a 25% pay cut just like the SN Brussels Airline pilots. Personaaly i would rather take the pay cut than lose my job altogether. Probably them rejecting it has something to do with the BeCA idiots who incited the Sabena strike.

blue belly
24th Apr 2002, 07:46
well totally stupid...if you are out, then you are really out!!! Wake up guys and smell the coffee!

24th Apr 2002, 08:40
I bet the bidder got a wake up call when meeting with these people. He must be one happy man today:rolleyes:

24th Apr 2002, 12:50
I heard that Preussag have been to talk to them more than once, but alas the Union/salary deal was too much to handle, shame as a large amount of their pax come from TUI.

The likelihood being that Preussag will start up afresh without the Sobel baggage and move all their TUI pax to this new airlines, what that ultimately means for Sobel doesn't look good.

24th Apr 2002, 17:52
So now what? Anyone with any brilliant ideas? Or is it gonna go like Clipstone said, basically the same thing as what happened to Citybird.
P.S.: Those Thomas Cook 320's do look pretty good though.

25th Apr 2002, 12:59
SABENA II - The Sequel

25th Apr 2002, 19:11
yeah, but do you really think this many people can be this stupid?

26th Apr 2002, 07:24
They were in SABENA I sad to say.

27th Apr 2002, 12:03
Sobelair-pilots are the best paid in Belgium (even when Sabena still existed). 25% is a big salary cut but after that, they still would have a salary which is above the Belgian market.
The pilots are still gambling and they think they can have it all !! The BeCA and the unions didn't learn from Sabena and they make the same mistake over and over...
With almost 600 experienced pilots on the ground in Belgium, willing to fly for every salary, you can't gamble !!!!

blue belly
27th Apr 2002, 12:55
Look at the Swissair pilots, they took a 35% pay cut (yet to be ratified), flight attendants 18% (was rejected)...Crossair boys got a 16% payrise!!!
Sobelair boys...take the pay cut, stay in the cockpit then work it out later.... smell the coffee lads!