View Full Version : Instruction for EASA PPL at an unlicensed aerodrome using Safety-Com

1st Mar 2013, 17:56

Has anyone experience with this? I guess the Microlight people have been doing this since forever (or with no radio at all) but I've always had the facility of someone on at least Air/Ground and operating from - if not licensed - then at least an aerodrome that would comply with basic licence criteria. This is in the Cessna 150/PA28 environment where until fairly recently we had to operate at licensed aerodromes. How would it fit in with any SMS requirements for an ATO?

Any views and experiences much appreciated

The Odd One

3rd Mar 2013, 11:42
Have you looked at CAP 793? (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP793.pdf) Quite a few schools operate at unlicensed aerodromes now.

10th Mar 2013, 09:36
Hi Whopity,

Yes, I have ( I'm also involved with the possible move to an unlicensed operation). I was really looking for practical experience and the issues thrown up. It doesn't appear (from the lack of posts) that there's a great deal of experience with this.


10th Mar 2013, 10:47
Our approvals apply to 4 airfields in the UK and Spain. One of them has no radio and is a private strip. As ATO Head of Training I have to satisfy myself that the facilities are appropriate and confirm this to the CAA which I have done so.

I see no issue with training from a non radio field as the students get plenty of opportunity to talk on the radio during the training sessions.

10th Mar 2013, 21:25

What sort of issues do you expect to find?

If licensed, you need fire cover. If unlicensed, you don't (although it might be an idea to have an old all-wheel-drive vehicle lying around with a few fire extinguishers, a fire axe and a long pole in it).

If licensed, the air ground operator might be in the loo, so it can be blind calls. If unlicensed, there may be a dedicated airfield frequency with an A/G or FISO. Or there might not. Perhaps blind calls on Safety.com like they use in the USA?

If licensed, then obstacle limitation surfaces etc are known. If unlicensed, they may or may not be know - but then if flying VFR we often fly into unlicensed strips, don't we? If we don't, and don't show our students, then we and they are missing out!

There was a reason why we got rid of the paperwork. Yes, there still lies a duty of care. It may be easier to say: airfield was licensed. But hey, let's also do some work and take some responsibilty!

I am sure I have missed a few things....

So let's hear from everyone else.