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27th Feb 2013, 08:43
Iíve been reading CAP 804 to try and get the answer but need some help!
Just wondered what the requirements are to teach the CPL course (trying to progress my career) IRI seems to be out the window with the 200 hours Instrument time which I thought I would need in order to teach the 10 hours on the CPL course, thought I would double check that but that doesnít seem to be the case however it does say:

FCL.905.FI FI Ė Privileges and conditions:

(d) a CPL in the appropriate aircraft category, provided that the FI has completed at
least 500 hours of flight time as a pilot on
that aircraft category, including at least
200 hours of flight instruction

Its the 500 hours part I'm not sure on,

Does this mean I need 500 hours light aircraft category or 500 Single complex, and If it where a Multi Engine CPL I would need 500 hours Multi time?

Thanks for any help in advance!

27th Feb 2013, 09:15
it''s 500hrs in light aircraft and 200hrs of Instruction given. Unrestricted FI(A).

27th Feb 2013, 09:19
Thanks Bose, Its what I thought but wasnt 100%.


27th Feb 2013, 11:26
Less hours in fact than were required to obtain a CPL under the 'old' system.

How things have changed over the past 20 years!


FOK :)

27th Feb 2013, 16:46
The category is "EASAspeak" is "aeroplanes". So SEP+MEP (plus any turbine time), but not including microlights or gliders.