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Flying Lawyer
26th Feb 2013, 22:23

The aim of our scholarships programme is to assist the successful individual, who might otherwise not have the necessary resources, to achieve their Licence.
The Scholarship covers all direct training and examination costs for the successful candidate as they achieve their Fixed Wing Flying Instructor Certificate.

Flight Instructor Certificate (Fixed Wing)

The criteria for successful applications include:
ability to demonstrate a serious ambition to become a Flying Instructor
availability to undertake and complete the training award during summer 2013
ability to satisfy the relevant EASA medical standard to enable the issue of the appropriate licence and any relevant EASA pre course entry requirements
age at least 17 on 1st June 2013

The Guild will expect training to be carried out at a Guild approved Flying Training Organisation in the UK, arrangements to in place by mid-June and to be completed by 5 Oct 2013.

The awards are made by a Selection Committee appointed by the Guild. Candidates short-listed for the Scholarship are required to attend for interview at the Guild Office in London on 13 May 2013 when they must be prepared to give evidence that they fully meet the minimum criteria for the award.

PRE-ENTRY REQUIREMENTS which must be met by the date of interview are set out on the Application form.
Applications not meeting the requirements will be disregarded

For more information and a downloadable Application form click the Guild badge ....... https://www.gapan.org/template/theme/gapan/img/im-guild-crest.gif (https://www.gapan.org/)
and select 'Career Matters'.

Closing date for applications : 13 March 2013

Interviews in London: 13 May 2013 only. (No alternative dates)

Good luck. :ok:

Tudor Owen

Flying Lawyer
5th Mar 2013, 20:29

Only 7 days to close of applications


13th Mar 2013, 11:09
FL -- would you be willing to tell us the number of applications vs scholarships available again this year?

Flying Lawyer
15th Mar 2013, 18:46
I'm not 100% sure but I think the number of applications is published when the winner is announced.

Applications for this scholarship are now closed.

There will be at least one further scholarship this year:

ATPL Ground School Scholarship
This will provide free access to an online study package for someone wishing to obtain an ATPL via the Modular Route.

Closing date for applications will be 24 May 2013.
The Scholarship winner must register to begin training by 1 August 2013.
Training must be completed within 18 months.

I'll post further details when they become available.


15th Mar 2013, 19:09
Thanks very much FL -- posted on the spur of the moment without searching for previous threads, apologies. Excellent news that there might be a bigger pot available this year...!

5th Apr 2013, 11:59
If anyone else, like me, is curious -- I've noticed the following has appeared on the GAPAN website:

Flight Instructor Certificate (Fixed Wing) (Applications closed 13 March 2013)

The Scholarship award covers all direct training and examination costs for the successful candidate as they achieve their Fixed Wing Flying Instructor Certificate. Please refer to page one of the application form for eligibility criteria and terms and conditions of the scholarship. The closing date for receipt of applications is 13 March and interviews will be held in London on 13 May 2013. Training must be completed during the summer of the award.

Fifty applications have been received and the selection process has now commenced.

6th Apr 2013, 10:57
Best of luck to all of the applicants.

Flying Lawyer
14th Jul 2013, 19:57
The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (http://www.gapan.org) is pleased to announce the names of the recipients of the 2013 Flying Scholarships.

Following an exacting selection process over recent months, a total of three Instructor Scholarships, four Private Pilot Licence scholarships, and five Gliding Scholarships have been awarded.

The scholarships cover all direct training and examination costs.

Young pilots are to the fore in the awards, with an average age of PPL and Gliding Scholarship recipients of under 19 years.

Flight Instructor Certificate (Fixed Wing) Scholarships
There were 50 applications for the three Scholarships.

The Swire Scholarship (generously sponsored by one of the Swire charities) has been awarded to David Marshall who will train for his Flight Instructor Rating at Tayside Aviation, where he has already passed his PPL and CPL certificates. David has been pursuing his ambition to become a flying instructor for over six years and feels it is an occupation in which he can not only fly but also impart his skills and knowledge to other like-minded people. The scholarship will help him make the final leap after many years of dedication and financial restraint to finally achieve his aspiration.

The Diamond Jubilee Scholarship was first awarded in 2004 when the Guild celebrated its 75th Anniversary. It is sponsored by the Air Safety Trust, the second charitable arm of the Guild with a remit to invest in Air Safety and as part of that, underwrites instructional training along with supporting projects pertaining to flight safety. The 2013 Scholarship has been awarded this year to Paul Thomason who teaches physics at a school on Shetland. For as long as he can remember he has held a desire to combine the fields of piloting and education, and pass on his passion for flying to others. Paul will train at Tayside Aviation in Perthshire.

The Norman Motley Scholarship is the oldest Guild Scholarship. It was first awarded in 1981 and funded by the Guild Benevolent Fund. The 2013 Scholarship has been awarded to Clare Tector, who in 2010 as an impeccunious Shuttleworth Trust volunteer, benefited from a de Havilland Moth Club flying bursary to convert onto vintage types and gain air display flying experience. She is now one of the team of volunteer pilots regularly flying the Shuttleworth Collection’s vintage types. This scholarship will allow Clare to become a flying instructor, allowing her to share her obvious passion for flying with others and encourage aspiring pilots to achieve their goals. Clare will train at Central Flight Training, Tatenhill Airfield in Staffordshire.

Congratulations to the successful candidates. :ok:

Tudor Owen