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jez d
14th Feb 2013, 11:05
The following from an exasperated friend. Can anyone assist?

I have read all the CAA letters and AIC W 108/2012, yet still do not fully understand the situation concerning my examiner ratings as there is a great deal of contradiction in the above information.

I have a CAA ATPL with all my examiner ratings on.
I changed that last year on orders from the CAA to a JAR CPL that now has my examiner ratings on.

I just do not understand the following and would really appreciate your guidance.

1. Can I continue to carry out flight proficiency/skills tests and checks for CAA and JAA license holders including re-validations by experience?

2. To do the same for an EASA license holder do I need now to get an EASA license? (this will make for my 4th license; original CAA, CAA ATPL, JAA CPL and the new EASA ?PL )

3. If I am examining NPPL, CAA PPL and JAA PPL and EASA PPL holders will I need to have all three licenses valid and current?

14th Feb 2013, 11:42
1 yes as a jar licence is deemed to be part FCL compliant.

2. No, see above. However you should not conduct checks on non UK license holders unless you have recieved a briefing from the appropriate authority.

3. I'm fairly certain an EASA licence is ok for all but someone else will confirm. You cannot however do checks on an EASA licence holder if you hold a national licence.

jez d
14th Feb 2013, 12:15
Nick, many thanks

I shall pass on your words of wisdom

14th Feb 2013, 12:59
Ps also you can only hold one licence in each category, unless you require a national licence to hold non-EASA ratings. Otherwise you only need to hold an EASA licence.

Level Attitude
14th Feb 2013, 13:56
Jez D

Is your friend aware that, under EASA, in order to renew Examiner Privileges
there is now a requirement for Examiners to have attended
a one day "Examiner Semminar" during the last year of validity
of current privileges?

If he is within one year of his Examiner Privileges expiring I would suggest
he attends a Semminar sooner, rather than later, as currently (I understand)
the main content of the day is the effect of EASA Regs on Examining/Testing.

jez d
14th Feb 2013, 15:28

I will ask him but I suspect the answer is no, he won't be aware. Are the examiner seminars up and running though?

Many thanks

14th Feb 2013, 17:55
27th February and 26th June for FE
Flying Training|Instructor|Examiner|Formation|CPL|Aerobatics (http://www.ontrackaviation.com/fe-seminars.html)

Level Attitude
14th Feb 2013, 17:59
ifitaintboeing beat me to it
On-Track Aviation are the only provider I am aware of.
4 Semminars a year: Feb, Apr, Jun & Oct

NB: How do you post that link?