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12th Feb 2013, 07:08
AFL announces on Vesti this morning, suspension and grounding of all S100 Sukhoi superjet for various QQ and service issues over a period of more than a year with possible further certification issues.

After this article of 2010 is this more behind the scenes jockeying or a real KILL (http://en.rian.ru/business/20101027/161104023.html)

Was this pravda article already preparation (http://english.pravda.ru/russia/economics/04-09-2012/122071-sukhoi_superjet-0/) to kill it?

Is this curtains for the russian aviation industry after the (unrelated) TU204 events & fatal accident of the last 3 months?

12th Feb 2013, 11:13
It's very unusual to see such criticism of these A/C on official governement controlled media.

The largest operator of TU204 planes is effectively grounded as of Feb 3, and UN are the only with any size orders together with VIM and Rossiya.
WZ constantly complained about the planes in service, and it seems made a serious commercial error using them at all.

That, more or less means the end of the TU project commercially, which was supposed to compete head on with IADS.
Syrianair & Iranair are effectively dead as buyers.

SSJ, we have conflicting info today:-

ranging from issues of compensation
Sukhoi to Compensate Aeroflot for SSJ-100 Downtime | Business | RIA Novosti (http://en.ria.ru/business/20130212/179423647.html)

to more serious... here in russian:-

Sukhoi Superjet 100 (http://www.ntv.ru/novosti/460702/)

None of them mention anything about configuration issues, but that could be part of simple disinformation or the start of a deeper media war.

Any dirty tricks are possible with AFL. :rolleyes:

12th Feb 2013, 11:57
I think you forgot to mention that the government has renewed talks about Tu-334 recently. It was a bit of a surprise since the project was turned down in the favor of SSJ100 (although the officials never said that but the amount of money was cut substantially rendering almost finished project frozen).

Perhaps, they need a new source of government money to leach on. That's how it is usually done. :(