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11th Feb 2013, 16:44
Hi Guys & Gals,

I find myself in need of an FAA BFR to keep my elderly FAA private pilot's certificate valid. Any FAA qualified instructors in Ireland (ideally) or within shouting distance of a UK airport with direct flights from Dublin?


13th Feb 2013, 08:30
Fixed Wing or Helicopter?

13th Feb 2013, 12:56
I can conduct a Flight Review or Instrument Proficiency Check ASEL/AMEL. Midlands.


13th Feb 2013, 13:18
Fixed wing. Taildragger preferred.

14th Feb 2013, 14:43
I can do it in a C150... It's a nosewheel, but there's nothing wrong handling it like a taildragger. Also got a C172. This is in East Yorkshire. I think Ryanair fly Dublin to Leeds/Doncaster, so that might work, but hopefully you'll get sorted with less messing about! I'm not a rip off merchant either, but can't speak for any other hotshot corporate pilots doing CFI/II work as a sideline, so best ask around.

15th Feb 2013, 08:38
I am looking for an FAA BFR in the midlands, Does anyone know of any?

15th Feb 2013, 23:18
Just for info...the FAA has called it a Flight Review for a long time. No longer a Biennial Flight Review. You might want to use the correct terminology with the the person giving the review. :cool:

16th Feb 2013, 00:25
Upslack, check your PM.

16th Feb 2013, 08:06
FAA biennial
I am looking for an FAA BFR in the midlands, Does anyone know of any?

I can highly recommend Jon Cooke. He is an FAA Gold Seal Instructor as well as a JAA Instructor/Examiner. He is also the Chairman of the LAA Pilot Coaching Scheme. Really friendly guy and very professional.

He also posts on here occasionally.