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8th Feb 2013, 19:54
Hi there,

at the moment I am considering the FI rating with the CPL/IR conversion. There are a couple of questions I have somebody might be able to help me. Which should I do first CPL conversion or can I start with FI rating. Whats the best way time and money wise? :)



Level Attitude
9th Feb 2013, 11:22
I am considering the FI rating with the CPL/IR conversion
Not sure what you are asking?
Do you mean converting FAA CPL/IR to EASA CPL/IR and training for EASA FI?

9th Feb 2013, 12:30
That's exactly what I am looking for. I want to do a FAA CPL/IR convesion to EASA CPL/IR + FI Rating on top of it. ATPL would be done before the training start obviously. Sorry for the bad wording in the first post.

Level Attitude
10th Feb 2013, 14:19
I can think of many reasons to obtain your EASA CPL/IR first.

The main one being you cannot get an EASA FI Rating unless you
have an EASA License to which it can be attached.

Best way of acheiving this I'll leave for others to answer.......

(it would help if you said which country you intend to train in)

10th Feb 2013, 20:04
My plan is to do it in the UK. For the FI I will need to fly 30 hours I thought it might be useful to use these hours as a practice for my CPL checkride. I do not know if it can work out like that hence my question.

Level Attitude
11th Feb 2013, 01:22
I thought it might be useful to use these hours as a practice for my CPL checkride
The 30 hours on an FI Course are not designed for you to practice your
flying skills, nor to prepare you for a Skill Test. They are for you to learn,
and practice, how to safely teach the PPL Air Exercises to someone else.

Your personal flying skills should be at CPL Test Standard at the start
of an FI course. Unsure if actually required under EASA but most
ATOs will not accept you on their FI courses unless you pass a pre-entry
flight test withn them.

You must do some training at an ATO for your CPL/IR.
CPL at least sufficient that ATO will recomend you for Test
IR is min 10 hours in an aircraft.

So why not do this first?

Have you read through CAP804 (available on CAA website)?
Section 4 Part Q for Licence conversions