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Mickey Kaye
8th Feb 2013, 07:48
Just reading through the "war and peace" Flight Examiners Handbook and it would appear of FI flight test have to be booked via Flight Test Bookings - is this a new requirement?

Also what the situation in other countries say spain to students have to go through a flight test booking setup there for IR and CPL check rides?

8th Feb 2013, 09:36
It's possible you missed this one:

http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/srg_lts_Designation%20of%20Examiner%20for%20Skill%20Tests_v3 _Oct12.pdf

If you're registered it should have come through in an email October last year.

8th Feb 2013, 10:24
And what they failed to say in the IN , but subsequently confirmed, is that RFs are also covered by the statement that mentions tests conducted at ATOs. A minor omission, but probably one that affects to the majority of tests! Just notify the CAA who your examiners are, then there is no need to contact Flight Test Bookings, unless you use a different Examiner.

8th Feb 2013, 12:28
The IN applies only to skill tests and not to the FI Assessment of Competence. Since the requirement to route FI AoC requests through Flight Test Bookings is hidden away in the Flight Examiner's Handbook, how is a trainee FI or FIC instructor supposed to know about it?

In any case, there is no legal basis for this requirement and it's yet another example of the UK CAA ignoring EU law and making up rules to suit itself.

8th Feb 2013, 14:48
Slight misread on my part, I had assumed you were referring to licene Skill Tests. FI reval can be booked in the usual way with a FIE.

8th Feb 2013, 15:34
And you used to be able to book the initial FI skill test in the same way but, according to the Examiner's Handbook, that's all changed2.5.3 All CPL Skill Tests and Instrument Rating Skill Tests plus all FI and Examiner AoC are to be arranged through FCS Test Bookings. The CAA reserves the right to allocate a particular CAA Staff Examiner or Training Inspector to any applicant's test/check flight as it thinks fitI assume all of your initial FI tests are allocated by Flight Test Bookings??

Mickey Kaye
14th Feb 2013, 13:15

Let me get this right you are saying that EASA have no legal requirement for an Flight Test for an initial FI issue to be made via flight test bookings yet the CAA insist on it?

Also whats the setup elsewhere in europe do you need to go through flight test bookings in say Spain for a CPL or IR initial flight test?

14th Feb 2013, 21:37
EASA has nothing to say about 'Flight Test Bookings', which is merely a sub-section within the Licensing & Training Standards Department of the UK CAA. The only requirement relating to the designation of examiners is ARA.FCL.205(c) which states "The competent authority shall develop procedures to designate examiners for the conduct of skill tests".

There is no EASA requirement (or justification) for the competent authority to get involved in the allocation of examiners for assessments of competence, proficiency checks or any other form of assessment. This is merely another example, among many, of the UK CAA exceeding its remit under EU law either because it is too arrogant or too incompetent to comply.