View Full Version : middle East VS African operators / US

3rd Feb 2013, 16:48
a Silent war between Africa/US and Middle East is already going on. g cc carriers the three big shots is already operating no of daily frequencies to African continent.Directly competing the businesses of South African airways, Ethiopian airlines and Kenya airways. But the recent report suggests that they are not progressing on equal footings and are totally biased.
United states is also on the target.
Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority claims offers for BASA talks with UAE have been ignored.:bored::ugh:
http://www.africanaerospace.aero/ecaa-claims-offers-for-basa-talks-with-uae-have-been-ignored.html (http://www.africanaerospace.aero/ecaa-claims-offers-for-basa-talks-with-uae-have-been-ignored.html)

United states is also on the target.

totally unfair competition , a biased decision. Aviators from the concerned operators have any views on this critical issue............????