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3rd Feb 2013, 11:53
Does anyone know if a solution to the lack of space on the Part FCL ratings revalidation page has been found?

I have 11 current ratings on my licence, 10 of which are in the Section XII (Night does not require a sign off). 7 of those ratings are due for renewal shortly and there are only 5 spaces left. As most of them are annual renewal, type ratings, IR etc then I am going to face this constantly.

What I find strange is that on the rear of the licence there is plenty of blank space that could have been used for ratings sign off as it only has one section used that contains my expired ratings.

flight beyond sight
3rd Feb 2013, 12:01
The L&TS section at the CAA will send you addtional rating pages if you request them

3rd Feb 2013, 15:00
I asked when I was there a few weeks ago and just got a blank look. JAR pages were not a problem, but they did not have a solution for a Part FCL licence. The girl on the desk told me it could only be a single sheet before launching into how I must also not cut it up!!

3rd Feb 2013, 15:06
Its nice to think that a Clerk with a Quill Pen is still more efficient than all our modern technology!

3rd Feb 2013, 16:00
The topic of the licence format came up at the FCL Implementation Forum - as did the question about cutting that ridiculous A4 sheet into manageable sections which might actually fit the pockets of the reduced-size licence.

Austria has decided to keep the traditional JAR-FCL sized licence and to have a much larger Ratings page.

The Irish would view a licence snipped into sections as 'defaced' and therefore invalid. So they plan to issue 8 x 2 page precut sections which will fir into the reduced-size licence.

It's all so utterly ridiculous and symptomatic of an Authority which didn't think things through properly or even to market test the daft new CAA licence format. But then again virtually no-one in L&TS would recognise one end of an aeroplane from the other these days....:\

Mickey Kaye
4th Feb 2013, 07:57
Everybody makes mistakes all one needs to do is hold their hands up admit to it and correct it.

I must say I do think it’s a bit daft that all EASA licences are not the same. Why go to all the cost and expense for each nation to rewrite the wheel? Shouldn’t one standard format have been rolled out throughout EASA?

I suspect this would have been cheaper as well

4th Feb 2013, 12:13
I recall being INSTRUCTED by a senior CAA staff examiner to cut my licence up to make it fit in the pockets.

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