View Full Version : Seeing FI privileges on an EASA License?

Level Attitude
1st Feb 2013, 23:06
On the "old" JAA Licences it was very obvious what instructional
privileges an FI(A) had, as one had to apply to CAA to remove
any restrictions (No Night, No Applied IF, etc).

Does the EASA Part-FCL format License give the same information?

I am under the impression it only says FI(A). Without positively
listing privileges, nor stating restrictions.

Any Instructors had an EASA License issued since 17 Sept and can

2nd Feb 2013, 06:17
Yes they had something like :

FCL.905.FI applies as in (a)/(b) .....

Same for IRi and CRI.

The (a) can then be check within cap804 on the relevant section

2nd Feb 2013, 07:37
It shows each rating in one column and then what you can teach in the column next to it as reference to part FCL. 905 and the relevant paragraph reference.

Curtis E Carr
2nd Feb 2013, 09:53
Have a look at Section 1 Part C Appendix 2 Page 49 of CAP 804 (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP804Jan2013.pdf).

Level Attitude
2nd Feb 2013, 17:22
Thanks for replies and references.

Guess no room on EASA Licenses for a plain English
description of privileges.

Curtis E Carr
2nd Feb 2013, 19:57
The CAA include an insert to the licence to enable FIs to decode their privileges.

2nd Feb 2013, 20:11
I didn't get an insert. I had to sit and cross check with a copy of FCL!

Curtis E Carr
2nd Feb 2013, 20:59
I'm sure you're right but just in case, have a look in the front cover your licence for a yellow(ish) card gloriously titled "Your New Licence". If you do have one, have a look on the other side.

If you don't have one, you can have mine as I am not an FI.

2nd Feb 2013, 21:31
Nope, no card. Mine had licence, examiner approval and then two extra examiner pages, nothing more.

I was swizzed!

Curtis E Carr
2nd Feb 2013, 21:41
You definately woz!