View Full Version : TRE rating on several aircraft

31st Jan 2013, 03:47
I was speaking with a colleague having a Belgian license.

For them, once they have a TRE it is valid for any aircraft where they gain the TRI. So let's say they are TRI 737 then gain a TRE 737. If later on they gain a TRI on 767, they will automaticaly become TRE also on the 767 without any further check (except the check every 3 years + At least 2 check ride)

Is it the same with the UK CAA. I have never read that in the previous LASOR, nor is it really clear in EASA.
Once you have several examiner function, one check every 3 year is sufficient to revalidate the examiner authorization but would be also true for an initial on different type rating?