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30th Jan 2013, 05:34
I have a FI which is still restricted and I also hold a IRI certificate.

Does the hours flown as an IRI would count towards the 100 hours flight instruction requirement to remove the supervisory restriction from my FI.

Or does those 100 hours have to be done only on PPL student?

30th Jan 2013, 12:17
As far as I am aware all instructional time counts towards removal of the restriction. But you will still need the 25 solo sign offs.

Level Attitude
30th Jan 2013, 21:06
Bose is correct

Part-FCL says you need 100 hours of instruction in aircraft.

But it does not specify what you needed to be instructing for, nor that
the instruction had to be supervised.

So hours instructing for an IR (in an acft), using your IRI, do count
towards the requirements to remove the FI supervisory restriction
for instructing PPL, etc

31st Jan 2013, 03:43
Thanks. that is what I thought.

One goal closer to have the restriction removed, now I need to finish the 25 solo.

the main reason is to have just one rating. For the time being, I have a IRI and am about to complete the CRI. But as I'm restricted I need to do the stand alone rating which in a way is not big deal.
But it is easier to have only one rating !

Not sure if the restriction for FI is smartly done.... as it is a rules not counting experience you can have elsewhere in flight instruction..... but;

31st Jan 2013, 10:24
FCL.910.FI FI Restricted privileges
(a) An FI shall have his/her privileges limited to conducting flight instruction under the supervision of an FI for the same category of aircraft nominated by the ATO for this purpose, in the following cases:
(1) for the issue of the PPL, SPL, BPL and LAPL;
(2) in all integrated courses at PPL level, in case of aeroplanes and helicopters; How many of these would be receiving IR instruction?
One could argue that if an FIs privileges are so restricted, he cannot teach for the IR!
This can be countered by saying that the IRI rating is a separate rating and therefore has no bearing on the FI privileges and therefore cannot change them. However; Part FCL says:
(c) The limitations in (a) and (b) shall be removed from the FI certificate when the FI has completed at least:
(1) for the FI(A), 100 hours of flight instruction in aeroplanes or TMGs and, in addition has supervised at least 25 student solo flights; So as long as the "flight instruction" is carried out in aeroplanes or TMGs, which could be as either a IRI or a TRI it complies!
Part FCL is littered with this sort of mess which can be interpreted anyway you wish.

31st Jan 2013, 10:42
a TRI for SPA would probably complies. but not a TRI for MPA.

I asked that once to PMD well before the EASA implementation, and the lady told me that as a TRI on MPA it would not count. Might have change with EASA.

But I agree that a IRI or a CRI or even a TRI SPA is giving flight instruction in the aircraft and so would probably count.

Best way to prove it is send my application to PLD.... :hmm:

1st Feb 2013, 09:45
but not a TRI for MPA Where does it say that? You are applying logic again, that's not allowed!

1st Feb 2013, 21:27
SLR, I say keep things simple.

My understanding (which I may be totally wrong) is this, you are trying to remove the supervisory restriction which is only in place when you do PPL stuff. If you are doing IR then you are not being supervised! So can the hours count, I am not so sure here.

Your other problem is this, you will need a CFI (?) to sign/recommend your restriction to be removed. If that person is also not sure about what hours to claim, then would he/she sign your application?

In hind side if I were you, I would have written to CAA to confirm your exact requirements, and appreciate if you share the outcome with us.

1st Feb 2013, 21:52
Bristol, you are totally wrong.

All instructional time couns towards the requirement. The issue is getting the 25 solos.

Level Attitude
1st Feb 2013, 22:46
Your other problem is this, you will need a CFI (?) to sign/recommend your restriction to be removed.
If that person is also not sure about what hours to claim, then would he/she sign your application?

Not true:
On SRG1133 it is the applicant who signs to say he has met
the 100 Hr / 25 Supervised Solos requirement.

No need for a recommendation/signature from CFI/HoT for
supervisory restriction removal.

Under EASA if you have done the time you get the badge - no need
to be any good!!!

(Will still need 25 signatures on SRG1133R to confirm 25 solo authorisations.)

2nd Feb 2013, 06:13

I have sent an email to fclweb and other email within the CAA to ask such informations.

That has been sent around a month ago but still no answer!

It's amazing the service we get from gatwick......