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29th Jan 2013, 16:33
Hello all,

My understanding of the Part-FCL regulations was that a training organisation (FTO/TRTO)approved under JAR was automatically granted ATO status and all courses could continue. Any discrepancies between old and new regulations would be raised as audit findings and should be rectified no later than 2 years after the implementation date (8/04/2012). I was pointed to a document stating this a while back but it has since disappeared.

Does anyone have knowledge of a document that could clear this up?


29th Jan 2013, 19:13
This document (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/2330/g-May2012_v6.pdf) may be what you are looking for, Page 6

30th Jan 2013, 08:10
Probably better to rely on the law than a statement by the UK CAA, that seems to change it's opinion more often than I change my socks and seems resolutely determined to avoid compliance with the law. Regulation 1178/2011 was amended by Regulation 290/2012 to add a new Article 10a, which states, inter alia:

2. Pilot training organisations holding JAR-compliant certificates issued or recognised by a Member State before this Regulation applies shall be deemed to hold a certificate issued in accordance with these regulations.

In such case the privileges of these organisations shall be limited to the privileges included in the approval issued by the Member State

Without prejudice to Article 2, pilot training organisations shall adapt their management system, training programmes, procedures and manuals to be compliant with Annex VII by 8 April 2014 at the latest.However, given that it is now taking Approvals over 6 months to process even the most straightforward application, a more realistic target for getting everything sorted and the paperwork to Gatwick would be October 2013. Anyone who delays beyond that is likely to end up with no approval by the cut-off date.

Mickey Kaye
30th Jan 2013, 08:35
Six months!

How and earth can someone set up a flying school these when your goinig to have six months before you can get any return on your investment.

All this regulation is distrying the industry

30th Jan 2013, 08:59
Perhaps a few more people should write to their MPs and ask why this is being allowed to happen. The people at the top actually think they are doing well!

Our work is focussed on:

Enhancing aviation safety performance by pursuing targeted and continuous improvements in systems, culture, processes and capability.

Ensuring that the CAA is an efficient and effective organisation which meets Better Regulation principles

Cows getting bigger
30th Jan 2013, 11:36
gretchen DOT burrett AT caa DOT co DOT uk

30th Jan 2013, 12:42
Billebob, you have answered my question perfectly once again!

Panic over :-)