View Full Version : Renewing my SEP and TMG ratings

28th Jan 2013, 10:45
Posted in PPL and instructor forums.

I'm looking to renew my ratings which expired in March 2011. I used to keep my SEP and TMG running concurrently and revalidate both by experience and a single check flight. I assume now they have expired, they have to be renewed seperatlely before they can once again be cross credited?

So ...

1. Is this true or is there any way they can be renewed together?
2. When I added a TMG rating to my PPL it was by the "current SLMG rating, then pay the CAA a fee" route. Can I renew it now with a check flight at a BGA club and a SLMG instructor (as I origionally did) or do I now have to seek out a specific TMG examiner (few and far between)?
3. Is there anywhere in East Anglia where I can do my SEP flying a tailwheel aeroplane (I just prefer them)? Not the end of the world if not.
4. I'm not far from Old Buckenham, but 189/hr dual in a C150 seems a bit steep, so is there anywhere else you could recommend?

Thanks, SS