View Full Version : Huh JQ Cns-Gum

25th Jan 2013, 01:41
Outa routes... Scraping the bottom of the barrel perhaps.

25th Jan 2013, 02:51
Continental (Air Micronesia) used to do this route years ago in a 737.

25th Jan 2013, 03:07
They still do!

Nose wheel first
25th Jan 2013, 18:10
But as United Airlines now.... The aircraft was sitting in CS yesterday morning.... several hours late.

Eastwest Loco
27th Jan 2013, 10:32
JQ will be pushing it uphill against UA as GUM is just the start point for Majuro, Pohnphei, Kwajalein, Truk etc etc and God knows how many others.

The fares from Guam onwards are the high part - $1660.00 return GUM MAJ at cheapest. $834.00 cheapest CNS GUM.

The UA schedule is very limited as is its connectivity but I do wonder if some contract has been gained for JQ to even look at it.

We move ships crew into and out of the area regularly and it is a stinker to get to, particularly when the client has to be dropped in Kwaj or Maj.

Best all


28th Jan 2013, 05:38
In fact the UA fares aren't too bad when they're combined with a Gum return. Eg last year I got Cns-gum-tkk return for under a $1000 and I've booked cns-gum-maj return for about $1300. ID travel around the islands is very hard because of the standby cargo and fuel tankering that sees most departures ex gum landing wt limited.

28th Jan 2013, 06:22
Where has it been written that JQ will start this route? Is this pure speculation or have I missed the announcement?

28th Jan 2013, 09:11
Dosn't the qld gov gurantee every seat sold with united? It might transfer the contract to jetstar i suppouse. Methinks it should focus on the basics out of cairns first, like a service to singapore.

Mstr Caution
28th Jan 2013, 09:38

How lucky are those Jetstar punters.

They can fly one stop Cairns to Tokyo via Guam.

With all those A320's on order network planning must involve a world atlas and a bit of string cut to the length of the A320 maximum range. :E