View Full Version : Class of Medical For Type Rating

slim pickings
21st Jan 2013, 09:20
Learned Colleagues,

I have a new type course coming up in the US. I hold an FAA ATP but will be flying the aircraft as PIC on another licence. My FAA First Class medical was last completed in late 2009. I've been working on a different licence since. As the hoops I'll have to jump through are significant, and more so expensive, for the first class medical, is it possible to have a command type rating added to my FAA licence while I hold a second class medical?


21st Jan 2013, 16:37
Yes. You only need a third class for the practical test if it is performed in an airplane. No medical is required for type ride in a sim because you're not flying. See FAR 61.23(a)(3)(vii) and (b)(8).