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19th Jan 2013, 08:18

Tried to find this out by looking at EASA FCL regs both in the EU decision and the AMC with no joy.

Simply, My ME IR in my licence has expired as has my type rating on a GLF4. I hold a CPL ME IR with ATPL knowledge CLASS 1 + ELP but as i said my MEIR and Type have expired since 2009. Can I simply complete an ME IR at a flight school in order to make my licence current and thus apply for an airline job??

Many thanks in advance

27th Jan 2013, 22:55
I don't think you will find any instructions re applying for jobs in the books you describe.

Looks like you have two choices regarding the IR, both of which involve going to an ATO. You could renew the GLF 4 Type and IR or you could renew the IR on a MEP. The latter sounds cheaper.