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15th Jan 2013, 19:53
My UK issued JAR ATPL is shortly due for calendar renewal.

Looking at the CAA website form SRG 1102 only applies to UK issued licences, .

Does a JAR ATPL issued by the UK CAA count as a UK licence or does this refer to the old UK ATPL?

Form SRG 1104 would seem to be the form for conversion to a EASA licence, but is a renewal a conversion?

At the foot of the form are the guidance notes with regard to supporting documentation namely the ratings pages and medical. Surely the CAA have copies of medicals and valid ratings as each revalidation requires a form to be sent to them. However copies of these forms need to be certified by the head of training of an ATO.
As I am renewing my licence and am not connected with any ATO, how do I comply with this documentation certification?

Or am I missing something here?

Can anyone who has had their licence recently renewed, or anyone who can understand the current situation give me any guidance?

15th Jan 2013, 21:56
Your JAA ATPL is now deemed to be an EASA licence. In order to have it re-issued as an EASA licence you need to complete SRG 1104 and as you rightly say, you need to get the medical and ratings page certified by the Head of Training of an ATO/FTO.

Yes. they should have that information but I suspect the process of looking up scans of all your SRG1119 rating renewals is a slow process. Quite why they need to see the medical when they now issue it from their own computer is a mystery. I am told you should allow 3 months for this process!

16th Jan 2013, 03:58
If you go there in person for same day service you don´t have to get anything certified.
Just show up with your ATPL, SRG1104 and most importantly your creditcard.
Hand in your paperwork before 12 and you should get your new EASA license by 1630. Arrive early to avoid disappointment.

16th Jan 2013, 07:12
Many thanks

17th Jan 2013, 06:03
Just show up with your ATPL, SRG1104 and most importantly your creditcard.Hand in your paperwork before 12 and you should get your new EASA license by 1630. Arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Yes, I was there at 08:00 (desk opens at 08:30 but security will give you a queue number) and out the door at 10:15, having had a nice breakfast and a couple of coffees while reading the papers.

Just don't cut up the pages to fit them into the plastic wallet :ugh::ugh:

24th Jan 2013, 14:43
I have 3 years left on my CAA CPL, but have heard conflicting requirements in relation to conversion to EASA. For example when I renew my IR this year will I be required to also change to EASA (with the corresponding cost)

Normally (as I live in Ireland) a local IAA examiner does the test, updates my license, fills in the CAA paperwork for me and I send all the paperwork to the CAA - no cost from CAA

But a instructor colleague of mine recently renewed his MEIR and was told by CAA that he would also have to change his valid JAA CPL to EASA at a cost of £140 + the rating change despite having several years left on his CPL and of course complicated with the extended wait times that they are experiencing

So my question is ... are the CAA requesting us to change our license at the next transaction with them like a rating update

24th Jan 2013, 16:45
Firstly, its not clear whether you have a UK CPL or a JAA CPL from the information you have given. Any licensing action that requires action by the CAA will require the holder of a JAA licence to have it reissued as an EASA licence. If the action is carried out by the Examiner then you don't need a new licence. If its a UK National licence, then it can stay as a UK licence but its validity on EASA aircraft will be limited to April 2014.

Mickey Kaye
24th Jan 2013, 19:18
Any idea what will happen to UK ATPL holders who don't have 500 multi crew. Presumably they will be issued with EASA CPL?

24th Jan 2013, 19:19
That's right and probably includes most of the CAA FEs. Of course you can still keep your UK ATPL, its an ICAO licence.

25th Jan 2013, 08:19
Thanks Whopity
My license is JAA ... so as long as I dont need the CAA to update anything on my license (rating revalidations etc) I can hold out until my JAA CPL is up for renewal

Maybe in 3 years they will be a little better organised

25th Jan 2013, 08:24
You can look at it another way and say that its a one off event and the price will go up each April so if you do it now, it will be cheaper than in 3 years!

25th Jan 2013, 10:11
For example when I renew my IR this year

Do you mean 'renew' or 'revalidate'? If the latter then no need to change, if the former then - yes - you need an EASA licence

26th Jan 2013, 13:36
Thanks .. Yes it will be a revalidation for the IR
So the consensus is ... No need to do anything this time around as long as I don't need to change anything on my license

Thanks all

19th Apr 2014, 20:35
Hi folks,
Sorry to be a bore but not being totally on the flying scene of late I am uncertain as to what the process is for my circumstance.

My IR lapsed in 2011 and plan to renew it soon. My JAR CPL needs to be reissued by November this year so my question is: what's the cost (for licence admin) and will the examiner do the necessary paperwork following successful completion of IR renewal?

What a ballache eh?

19th Apr 2014, 20:54
and will the examiner do the necessary paperwork following successful completion of IR renewal? For the IR renewal yes; for the licence conversion, that is your responsibility. Most of the latest forms state on them that they are to be completed by the applicant. You will also need a Head of Training to certify certain bits of paper before you send them to Gatwick. Examiners sign their little bit and send a report to the CAA.

19th Apr 2014, 21:03
Thanks Whoopity,

So I guess I can get the HOT at the ATO where I renew the IR to sign the relevant bits for licence reissue and its £140 fee?

21st Apr 2014, 15:47
As some have suggested above, if you go to Gatwick with the original documents and a completed SRG 1104 there is no need for any certification. They do it whilst you wait.

Level Attitude
21st Apr 2014, 16:33
My IR lapsed in 2011 and plan to renew it soonand will the examiner do the necessary paperwork following successful completion of IR renewal?For the IR renewal yesNot necessarily. An Examiner can only renew a Rating that has expired by less than three years - otherwise the CAA has to do it and will charge £89 irrespective if you are applying (and paying) for a new Licence at the same time.

21st Apr 2014, 20:14
The examiner's paperwork only differs in that he won't sign the rating page if its over 3 years. Everything else is the same!

6th Apr 2016, 05:30
Dear All,

I have a question regarding the conversion of a Greek JAR ATPL to EASA. I had an offer to work with an English Charter Airline but they won't take me till i convert my ATPL from Greek JAA to EASA. Even though my current License says in the remarks section : "Member of EASA", still it is not enough to get me recruited as a pilot to fly an EASA registered Aircraft.

I contacted IAA asking about the conversion and they told me I have to apply online and send my application by post as well. The process will cost 600 Euros and will take up to 12 weeks.

Does anyone knows a faster and cheaper way" Maybe"?? I cannot wait 12 weeks as i will definitely lose the job offer.

Thank you in advance.

6th Apr 2016, 08:28
Did the airline specify the authority that you must use?

6th Apr 2016, 18:11
Transfer your licence to UK. Might not cost less but is more expeditious.