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10th Jan 2013, 17:08
I have just renewed my CFII on line with American flyers, they state I have to go to the American embassy to have the Notary signed? Has anyone used UK notarys?

10th Jan 2013, 17:41
Not really much help, but I'm certain it has to be a US registered "Notary Public" - which is a specific title for someone with the ability to "notarize" documents. It's not simply the case that you can get any UK legal person or a doctor etc to sign it for you, as is the regular way of doing something like this in the UK - it has to be a "notary public". They each have their own number and stamp.

Now... I once googled it and found a few UK solicitors who are also US certified notary publics, but they charge for their time accordingly (clearly spotted a gap in the market) and wanted something like £150 from me to visit one of their offices in Manchester to have a consultation.

I just get mine done when I visit the States as I used to date a chick who is a "notary public" so I'm sorted.

Not much help, and rather a pain in the posterior to be honest, but that's just the way it is. At least the ACR thing makes life easier without having to visit a FSDO, the course is simple enough (I've done 2 now) and you only pay once for lifetime renewals.

10th Jan 2013, 17:49
Thanks, will google US certified Notary. 150 cheaper than flying to the US

10th Jan 2013, 18:16
Surely the US embassy won't cost anything? It might take a few hours, and you've the hassle of getting to London, but better than throwing money away!

10th Jan 2013, 19:16
Have been to the US embassy several times (they charge 50 dollars per document)
,sooner pay 150 and save the hassle

17th Jan 2013, 20:32
Any notary in the UK should be fine. I've used a couple different ones, not had any problems.

I would say price from 60-100.