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9th Sep 2001, 06:59
isnt anyone else out there a little suspicious that the new head of BA is the ex head of Ansett australia (see DG region) which is likely to affect 16000 jobs and now look at BA's predicament with all the NEW ideas on business traffic etc, and yet did no 'expert' at BA predict a world wide recession before deciding to alienate economy pax. surely you need to get your bread and butter pax onboard when times are hard, as easy and ryan are enjoying at the moment. who is responsible for hiring top dog execs who have a non proven track record and when things turn bad will get a few million payout and sent on their way to their new victims. it is us bottom of the food chain staff that will suffer from job losses while they enjoy their millions pay off.

Bally Heck
9th Sep 2001, 11:33

You don't get many sentences that long. ;)

9th Sep 2001, 13:16
As the Kray Brothers might have said.


The Guvnor
9th Sep 2001, 13:22
thewwIIace - hate to burst your balloon, but the bright idea to concentrate on high yield traffic came from Bob Ayling, not Rod Eddington.

Crashed & Burned
9th Sep 2001, 13:28
Unfortuneately BA are now on such thin ice unless they do something very soon we will no longer see them around. It's either go under or be bought by another outfit..
I feel sorry for the shareholders. Not much of an investment was it?

9th Sep 2001, 13:41
The Guv is correct on that one......it was everyone's dear friend, Bob. :rolleyes:

9th Sep 2001, 13:50
Rod could have changed it though, he is after all the CEO. As he hasn't he must therefore agree with the policy.

9th Sep 2001, 15:57
****** the Shareholders, what about the workers???

9th Sep 2001, 16:01
What did their share price close at on Friday?

fantum farter
9th Sep 2001, 16:03

9th Sep 2001, 18:20
Hmmmm....for the sake of accuracy wasn't GO one of Bob the Colorblinds offerings as well? :p

receding 'airline
9th Sep 2001, 18:39
I don't share your pessism Crashed and Burned regarding the takeover or down the gurgler scenario. There are a lot more airlines in the same or worse predicament than BA at the moment and what company (whether it be an airline or not) is in a position now to stage such an enormous takeover. No doubt BA needs to rethink about future expansion, but what major airline or most other businesses for that matter doesn't.

PS No pun intended by my handle

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9th Sep 2001, 18:53
lets also not forget that the end of year profit isnt crystal clear, ie includes sale of go and other assets so a little inflated.

dallas dude
9th Sep 2001, 19:16
The real sadness in BA's madness is that none of the second tier management had balls enough to stand up and disagree with Ayling Bob and Skippy's plans, for fear of losing their "perks".

Every major corporation in the World is full of yes men and women.

Good job the two (or more) folks who sit at the pointed end don't automatically nod their heads in approval of EVERYTHING!


(anyone remember the UK motorcycle industry?)

Final 3 Greens
9th Sep 2001, 20:50
At least BA have a plan, however good or not!

9th Sep 2001, 22:35
Marconi had a plan too.

9th Sep 2001, 23:00
So did Hitler, and he had as much in common with BA too

10th Sep 2001, 14:11
OK, or Swissair's plan.

Notso Fantastic
10th Sep 2001, 14:15
And how many points do you score for the wrong plan for the conditions, to which you adhere like a limpet for fear of changing it and admitting to the world that you may not have been right in the first place? BA goes into worldwide recession chasing business passengers only that business are not sending! Attaboy Rod....what you gonna do now?