View Full Version : Flights over afghanistan airspace

12th Apr 2002, 09:54
:confused: Are there any airliners flying over the Afghanistan airspace? I had a chance to look at the FAA NOTAMs declaring the Afghanistan/Kabul "prohibited". Any information will be appreciated. Entry/Exit points?

12th Apr 2002, 12:04
I presume they must be. PIA fly A.310's non-stop to B'ham and they had to suspend the services until Afghan airspace was open to them.

15th Apr 2002, 20:34
Last time I was in that bit of sky (in a AN124 & IL76) flying into the Afgan/Kabul FIR it was under the control of a USAF/RAF E-3. Mission numbers were allocated to commercial traffic bound for Kabul/Bagram etc. Spirraling in from 15000ft into Kabul in a 124 for a TAC landing was just awesome, even better when sat in the glass nose of the 76!