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16th Apr 2001, 08:36
Has anyone heard anything about an A330 of Sri Lankan, that aborted t/o 2 days ago? Location unknown, no fatalities.

16th Apr 2001, 15:11
It happened in Colombo at home base and was initiated after smoke came out of the aircon in the cockpit as well as in the cabin.
An 11-year(!!!!) old was interviewed by TV as a whitness having experienced everything first hand on the jump seat. The boy said that after the aeroplane began shaking he observed a number of lights and sounds in the cockpit.
Emergency evacuation took place on the runway, initiated by a pilot from another airline who travelled as passenger while the Air Lanka crew did not take any action...
The story was widely spread on German TV because for many pax it was the return journey after holidays...
There was no comment from the airline nor any official statement or other evidence shown.

17th Apr 2001, 14:57
See also my post from 11 April:


18th Apr 2001, 16:59
Latest report from Airwise News:

"An Indian passenger, who was injured while trying to escape a fire aboard a Sri Lankan Airlines aircraft, has died in hospital, diplomats said yesterday.

Kattula Sammiah, 28, was among four passengers hurt in a stampede to escape the Frankfurt-bound Airbus A330 aircraft which aborted take off when the cabin filled with smoke on Wednesday.

Mr Sammiah died at the national hospital in Colombo on Sunday night, diplomatic sources said, saying he had suffered extensive head injuries.

India's High Commissioner, Gopalkrishna Gandhi had visited him in hospital on Wednesday and spoken with surgeons.

A German woman and two Sri Lankans, including a pregnant woman, were taken to hospital together with Mr Sammiah. The Sri Lankan female passenger suffered a miscarriage after the accident, officials said.

Panic gripped the passengers when cabin crew detected smoke aboard the aircraft as it was taxiing for take off at Bandaranaike International Airport, officials said.

The airline has been partly owned and fully managed by the Emirates airline of Dubai since Sri Lanka's national carrier was privatized in April 1998.

The passenger who died was described by diplomats as a former militant belonging to the People's War Group (PWG) of India's Andra Pradesh state. He was reportedly traveling to Germany to start a business."