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Alpha Leader
10th Apr 2002, 07:26
Despite using 3M film certified for aviation use, the graphics film used to redecorate particularly MD-11 aircraft of the former SR fleet isn't sticking. Swiss media reports focus on bits of film being torn off during flight and the necessity for checks both at home base as well as during turn arounds.

The problem has arisen as a result of a bottleneck in the paint shop, with not all ex-SR planes having been repainted in the new Swiss colours.

More info at: http://www.tagesanzeiger.ch/ta/taOnlineArtikel?ArtId=178526

10th Apr 2002, 09:13
Also problem with their callsign, "swissair, crossair or whatever you are calling yourself today". Heard one ne controller insisting on using CRX ***, Swiss crew only just keeping cool!

10th Apr 2002, 09:45
The official Callsign spocken is "SWISS" for CRX.

10th Apr 2002, 10:03
SWISS = So What, It's Still Swissair

Mr Moustache
10th Apr 2002, 10:57
Thanks Gwallerich
I just hope my old collegues at Crossair have not realised what SWISS stands for!
Must be confusing for them as not even all the CRX aircraft have yet been repainted from the old colour scheme and now there is a new one.:)

10th Apr 2002, 13:03
Who are SwissCross?

11th Apr 2002, 14:39
Lots of other things are not 'sticking' either. EOF announcements texts say that the full name SWISS AIR LINES should be used for thanking PAX for trusting a 97 year old startup.

Crew's seem to have taken the logical alternative by using - and on behalf of your Swiss crew I/we would like to thank you.... etc.

Sounds better - isn't as misleading - but does that mean that there is a freeze on foreigners working (and that they are for the chop if the can be replaced) - coz there are a few swiss flyers from SwissWings looking for a bird.

:cool: good luck to all - whatever happens

Noddy Staltern
11th Apr 2002, 16:35
So if a Swiss aircraft does a touch-and-go, is that a Swiss Roll????

non sched
11th Apr 2002, 21:33
If one goes around is that a Swiss miss?:p

11th Apr 2002, 23:10
Very interesting that it would appear as of today 11/04/02 that any web site commencing with crossair now redirects you to a swiss site. Apart from the crossair curling teams site that is...............
Anybody know where I can kep in touch with crossair personel?


Buster Hyman
12th Apr 2002, 02:45
I heard they were going to get a mob in FRA to do it. Apparently, the Germans are good at making Swiss-stikas!!!!:D :) :eek: :(

Uh-oh...here it comes......

12th Apr 2002, 08:15
I was listening to the scanner the other night when I heard Swiss 3*** call London. The controller gave him his instructions and he acknowledged them with the call sign Crossair 3***.

No wonder everyone is confused!!

12th Apr 2002, 09:01
S (some) W (wise guy) I (invented) S (stupid) S (slogan)
S (Swiss) W (women) I (in) S (short) S (skirts)
S (same) W (worries) I (in) S (substandard) S (service)

12th Apr 2002, 11:19
Could someone tell me why mangers insist on spending a fortune on repainting aircraft in new logos. I would have thought that the money (for an exbankrupt airline in todays market ) could be better used.
Couldnt they have just taken the letters air from the planes? and saved the money for the next time the industry goes down. or is that to easy

12th Apr 2002, 15:28
If you can find a boss who doesn't change something in a text or letter prepared for him, he'll be the one who will be reasonable.

You're absolutely right - but its only around 50 Mio $ - peenuts for image freeks. Being more spartan like ex. Sabena (don't touch the paint on the tail - that costs euro's) is very very rare.

1) People were never designed to be "pragmatical" and,
2) "common sense" isn't common at all, its an extreamly rare commodity

Alpha Leader
12th Apr 2002, 16:25
malc4d: in this (ex SR) case, it's imperative that there is as little visible connection with former SR (for creditors) and at the same time as much as possible positive identification with ex SR (for the travelling public); this explains why they paid megabucks for the same old theme with a Swiss cross on the tail fin - no creativity wanted or expected, mate.

12th Apr 2002, 18:15
This Swiss topic sounds holey cheesy to me.

16th Apr 2002, 13:01
Swiss said its official name will be Swiss International Air Lines Ltd., not Swiss Air Lines Ltd. as previously announced, as the carrier moves to end a dispute with failed Swissair over naming rights and head off potential future legal problems. The name will be voted upon May 13 and if approved will take effect on July 1. The carrier also said the Federal Office for Justice shot down Crossair's request--swiss was formed from Crossair and Swissair--to register headquarters in Basel and Zurich. Regulators said the company didn't meet the criteria for dual headquarters, according to swiss. Consequently, it will maintain its headquarters in Basel.

16th Apr 2002, 17:24
Who cares about call signs and paintjobs!
Lets talk about the fact that one of the most recognized names in aviation is now trash. The fact that a bunch of criminals turned a corporation that was so flush with assets they paid cash for airplanes in to an orginization with 10 billion worth of debt. The fact that the employees at SR, and specifically the pilots, had to take a 25% paycut and essentially lost all of their company pension contribution.
This whole thing is a tragedy in line with the demise of Eastern, PanAm, and Branniff. It will take years of collective bargaining at this "new" company to retrieve lost wages and workrules, and in the meantime Swiss rates on heavy airplanes is a joke compared to the competition and will make it so much harder for pilot groups at other airlines to make contractual gains or even to hang on to what they have.
The whole thing makes me sick!

16th Apr 2002, 21:12
well, wanting to start with 2 HQs doesn't bode well for keeping costs in check, surely? :eek:

[edited for faulty smiley]

Few Cloudy
17th Apr 2002, 09:47
Raas 767 - agree with most of that but the pension contributions have not been lost. The fund is intact. The present retirees are still being paid their pension from this fund. Within a year a new (less powerful) fund will be ready to take over to serve the present employees.

The likes of Katz, Brugisser and co. have kept a low profile but may yet be called to account as a government enquiry into the mis-management seems likely.