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16th Apr 2001, 00:39
Sunday Times reports that A potential buyer of Go is a consortium including Bob Ayling who is tipped as a potential CEO following the aquisition !!!!

16th Apr 2001, 19:28

17th Apr 2001, 11:34
Bob is part of the deal. Whether he gets a leading role is more debatable. Babs wants top spot by all accounts.

The Times was slagging off poor old Bob. As far as I can see he managed BA reasonably well. They are doing better than most European majors and that is all too quick to be down to Big Rod.

Personally I liked the tails except half the patterns were cr@p.

The big problem with BA is getting the hearts and minds of its staff. But that's been a conundrum for decades.

17th Apr 2001, 21:02
the latest i heard just yesterday was that 3i was the buyer and they are just dotting the i's (excuse the pun) crossing the t's and waiting for caa aproval, but the main thing is that bob ain't there, (thank goodness). Also they are very short of expierenced people.