View Full Version : Airbus A380 Wing problems

18th Sep 2012, 10:02
I've Read this news at BBC website..
Airbus has confirmed its flagship A380 planes could be grounded for up to eight weeks if work to repair cracks in their wings is done in one go.
The problem has cost Airbus more than 250m euros (201.9m) in repair and service costs. Airbus has said it will not pay any compensation for revenue lost during repair work.
The problem poses no safety threat, according to Airbus. "The important thing is that these aircraft are safe to fly," added Mr Dubon.

As a future enhancement they are manufacturing the wings using a new type of aluminium..

My query :
They've said that the current A380 is still safe to fly .. But how safe it is ?
What are they going to do with the existing Airbus that has a wing crack problem ?
The repair costs are high & also it takes abt 8 weeks to repair the cracks ..
Aint it cost a heavy loss for the flyers as Airbus said that there is no compensation will be given for the loss incurred during this 8 weeks phase ?
What are the alternatives u think is possible to solve the existing wing crack problem in a short span of time ?
Pls share your views :)