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12th Sep 2012, 14:11

Earlier today when taxing to depart R/W 26R at Munich initially we were cleared to depart from A13 (which for those unfamiliar with the airport is an intersection 200m from the start of the runway) - so I entered 200 into the TO Shift on the TAKEOFF REF page of the FMC. Shortly after this we were then recleared to A15 (which is the whole length of the runway). However it seems the only way to remove the shift is to re-enter the departure - time consuming as this then means you have to also enter the assumed temperature and takeoff speeds. Was wondering if anyone knew of an easier way of doing this? (I tried DELETE, entering a 0 and entering a / - with no success).

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12th Sep 2012, 15:35
On the B744 the FMC position automatically updates the the gps position when TOGA is pressed (as long as GPS updating is active ). if we make an entry in the TO shift then FMC pos updates to the entry made in the TO shift even with GPS updating active. This makes manual TO shift entry redundant. - Is it the same on the B737?

did you try +0 or -0 ?

12th Sep 2012, 16:50
Hey Guys thanks for the quick responses.

I should have clarified that the 737 in question is a Classic so no GPS.

I didn't try +0, -0 or /000 but I will give it a go tomorrow and let you know.

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